Friday, 22 April 2011

Super warning

Recently the planet has been bombarded. We've just been given news insight that there is a "super volcano" situated in the U.S. region of Yellowstone. Info on Super Volcano
This is a wildlife conserve park, one of the biggest, home to many forms of animals and plants. Wolves have made this place their own in the past few years, and thanks to them the land itself is able to breath and grow after a century of barren fields. That was caused by constant grazing from overpopulated stags.
If this super volcano is going to react soon, it could be the most devastating natural disasters to come.
Also around the recent times of that highlight, we had a string of vicious tornadoes across the U.S. states, a violent earthquake and tsunami in Japan (resulting in widespread radiation leaks from it's nuclear power plant), floods and fires in Australia, and human uprisings.
We also had the Super Moon recently.
Super Moon
The werewolf senses that with every full moon there is a supernatural power. Some psychologists believe the full moon is potential for many to feel driven by impulses. The therianthrope feels a sense of inner strength, power an dspirituality linked to the moon at it's fullest. When there is a supermoon, the therianthrope is given a gift of magic, depending on the sensitivity and well-being of the individual.

The above image is artwork by Brian D. White

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