Monday, 11 April 2011

Rune game

It's now ten years since the game "Rune" first appeared.

Rune starts off as a young man called Ragnar, training to be a warrior like his father, in order to protect the runestones. The runestones are symbolic of his homeland and his people. Anyone can play this, as you learn to pick up different weapons. For women players, it's fun to see the aesthetics and beauty of the landscapes, towns and eye catching domains. The game is sharp and softly coloured, with a background of eerie noises, atmospheric sounds and barbarian style music. It's best played in Winter or Spring.

The game has a chill that makes you feel cold at times, as in finding yourself in the snowier mountains and ice crystal caves. Of all the characters there is only one female character, one of the baddies, a goddess named Hel, who resembles a giant statue of a partially disfigured demoness. Her sinister voice echoes when Ragnar (you) arrives at her doors. She is probably more scary than her father Loki who appears much later on in the game.

The game is enjoyable to all, and it's purely Viking themed.

A whole decade of this. The game still continues now. Let's celebrate!

Rune - An Epic Battle

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