Friday, 12 November 2010

Wolves of the Stars

It appears that the WOLF does not exist as an zodiac sign or does it? The wolf doesn't seem to be anywhere in astrology. Star lore literature and beliefs may include canines though. I came across few pieces of information that tends to go deeper.

The Moon - Wolves are traditionally linked to the moon, especially the full moon. In Norse myth, a wolf named Hati persues the moon in the final conflict of Ragnarok. The werewolf legends are tied with the moon as the moon is the source of power for the shapeshifting to occur. Silver, the element, is associated with the moon, and is a combat weapon against the werewolf. People suffering lycanthropy look to the moon or moonwards.

The sun - Wolves are not generally linked with the sun although they are mythically involved with the dark sun or the solar eclipse. In Norse myth, Skoll chases after the sun goddess. The purpose of this wolf is to devour Her, which reminds me of the solar eclipse or blackening out of the sun. Both wolves Hati and Skoll are brothers, whose father was the giant wolf Fenrir. The two wolf brothers each chase the sun and moon. There is a Saturn moon called "Skoll" named after the wolf giant from Norse myth.

The Stars - In many stories from diffeent places, the star Sirius is linked to canines. Certain people call it the Star of the Wolf, and others call it the Dog Star.

Astrology - The Wolf appears in the form of a Dog in the Chinese zodiac. It would be the eleventh sign on this calendar. The Native American astrological sign of the Wolf is part of the Animal Zodiac. The Birth Totem for Wolf is 19th February to 20th March.

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So there you have it. Wolves of the stars. The meaning behind them are far greater than we can know as some of these myths and symbols are ancient. Wolves have come to represent death but benign wolves in legends have been forgotten. One exception is Lupa from Roman myths. Lupa is the nurturing mother wolf goddess who adopted human children. In the Americas, various tribes viewed wolves as teachers. Wolves appear on Native American horoscope (birth toems) and medicine wheel. Once upon a time, human beings helped to train the wolf and then domesticated them. Now they are bred as different types of dogs. We look upn them as household pets, our loving dogs who belong to the family. They're helpers, guardians and workers. However, domestic dogs still haven't lost their natural wolf behaviour streaks.

Not all of these wolves in ancient times were looked upon negatively. Their pelts were used for different purposes. Also people admired wolves for their hunting skill. Odin the All-Father had two powerful wolves, Geri and Freki, who could cross through the stars and travel worlds. From the giant wolves who swallow suns to the helpful wolves who bring healing in spiritual quests, the Wolf's starry meaning is quite buried IMO.

Above artwork "Chariot: Hati and Skoll" by Naryu

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