Monday, 1 November 2010

The Unexplained Kiss

"The Unexplained Kiss"
by Ragna

Asleep in a canopy, sparkling
diamond tipped branches,
Bowing under a fall of rain
that caresses me,
Touching my silken cover
and dampening, damaging in
time, effortlessly, ageing,
Lost in nether.
Closed in dreams.
Whispering to the hearts of
dancing fragrant drifts,
Smoke rises from the hills,
as another, another, temple falls,
Then they, with a stamp of
face valued rulars, charging and
yelling, in darkness and chains.
I sleep, asunder, roaming seas.
The memory of my forefathers and
those kin and line of roses,
all cheat the grasps of that
curse of the overlord.
In a frozen perfumed tear,
a woman opens, anew,
then the hoof beats of stallions,
and war machines rage,
by blood for destiny
not the one given to stone.
What comes, for me to explain,
is all the churning destruction
of the frizzled painted towers
and windows of weeping dead,
A circle, not heard.

Ragna (2010)

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