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Dream Wolves

Dream analysis by Ragna.

The wolf:

A Wolf appears in dreams for a variety of reasons, depending on you. Some wolves mean a different thing to one person and an entirely different view to another person. Their dreams of wolves would, as with anything, come to mean different things. A person who adores wolves and spends their life caring for them in a park run by a charity may see a wolf in the dream as a companion. Another person with healing arts may dream that a wolf is trying to tell them something and may appear as a guide. A person who knows little of wolves, and other wild animals and fears wolves anyway will dream that their wolf visitor is trying to get them. Is that how really dreams work? Do they mean different things to everyone individually? I don't claim to have the answers but I will try and consider the possibility a little bit further.

I can interprate dreams and I've done so for other people in the past. I can examine a person's dream and come up with a conclusion for the symbolism. Some dreams are not all symbols. I could also see the person's hopes and fears. I don't see myself as very good with dream studying although I have a sense of things quickly and so strongly that I feel like telling the person who had the dream.

I believe that in general the wolf means ONE thing to everyone. But there is a secondary meaning to the individual dreamer. Then there is more to the dream than just dream symbols. Not all dreams are trying to tell us something. Not all dreams have riddles. Some dreams are reflections of many parts of us, and outside of us. Dreams could be many other things I can't think of even to explain. Let's focus on the WOLF symbol in dreams.

My father dreamt of a wolf a few weeks before he died. When he told me of his dream, he said that he knew it meant his time was coming. I asked how he knew this just by dreaming of a wolf. As my dad was suffering a terminal illness, I assumed that he was imagining his worst fear. He replied saying that "the wolf represents death". I was aware of the frightful Fenris wolf and other big bad legendary wolves. Also I knew of the benign mother wolf Lupa, the faithful wolf friends of other heroic stories, the gentle animals in captivity, wolf spirits that appear to people in order to help/heal, and even the shamanistic visions of wolf guides. Mainly the wolf is known as a wild pack animal who enjoys hunting. 

This made me reconsider the wolf in a different way. I began to look upon the wolf as a far more complex creature than I did before. I studied the wolf a little and read myths and legends.

If you dream of a wolf, depending on who yo are and how you feel, the main message is that the wolf is showing you something indeed. You are looking at a wolf in a dream. This is a predator animal and hunts in a pack, yet is loyal to its own. Generally, the wolf is regarded in both a Positive and a Negative way.

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My dream interpretation is that a wolf symbol shows your inner senses and your connection to nature. It will then depend on the wolf, if there were other wolves, if it communicated to you, if it were aggressive, and so on. Then here is the following of the general meanings:

A Wolf - Your natural self. Your instincts and inner being.
An angry wolf - Your aggression.
Being attacked by a wolf - Your sense of insecurity and perhaps you are in a vulnerable position.
A friendly wolf - This would be your controlled side. The ability to calm your anger and temper.
A familiar wolf - Your wolf that you knew and your relationship loyalties.
A spectral wolf - Same as "a wolf" and could be your shadowy self or dark side.
A wolf picture - A still of your relation to nature.
A pack of wolves - Your fears and relations with new people.
Attacked by wolves - Be on your guard, take caution and not to stir waters. Be clear of certain situations and people that you are not sure of. Always be prepared.

Also apart form this basic message for the population, on an individual level, the wolf has a second meaning for you but that is for you (or someone who knows you) to work out. It could be that if a wolf is attacking you in a dream, then it might mean that you are vulnerable. However, the wolf may be WARNING you of something. Perhaps the wolf is you not being honest with yourself, or it could be that you still deeply bad about an incident. The wolf can be a visitor or a guide to show someone things. There are many possibilities.

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