Monday, 11 October 2010

Adorned in Blood

The concept of a bride wearing red is unthinkable, horrific and almost kinky. Why would a bride wear such a colour on her wedding day? What kind of a bride would she be? 

Certainly this is the kind of shock reaction most people would think of. I find RED is the most beautiful colour that a bride can wear on her wedding. In fact I love colourful wedding outfits, even black wedding dresses (but for the occasion too funereal). A red coloured gown looks more striking and enhances the woman's beauty both inside and outside. White wedding gowns, traditional in the West, dulls the bride, which is why I found that her bridemaids always looked prettier than her. So when a bride wears red, crimson, blush, mahogany, scarlet, rose, ect. she stands out like the sun and her starlight bridesmaids become faint in the background. The following website shows exactly what I mean:

Red Hot Brides

Why do women still choose to wear white wedding gowns? First of all this tradition goes back as far as Victorian England. Before then, women wore a variety of coloured dresses, some reserved their favourite dresses for their big day. In Scandinavia though, black wedding gowns are the norm.

Red jewellery, especially red gems worn over the skin is another thing that is associated with blood. However, what about the interesting Blood Vial jewels? Most of it contains "fake blood", made of a certain red bloodlike luid, or it's made up of certain red chemicals, or perhaps even a red dye. Some might even be red crushed leaves or even a red rock such as a a garnet. Real blood will not really last long inside a glass or metal without turning into black dust. The the sorceress - queen asking for Snow-White's heart to be placed inside a trinket box is a similar notion of keeping someone else's blood. Retaining or entrapping blood is the symbol of a fiery life force that is kept, or displayed and it also looks somewhat macabre. Blood rituals may occur in the black arts.

Cosmetically, women love wearing red lips. They look enhanced with that, or they feel enhanced as the redder the lips, the healthier they seem. Blood is darker and doesn't glow. Red cheeks are a sign of health, and women brush red rouge or mixed reddish colours on their faces to look shinier and livelier. Red painted nails is a favourite for some women, and it's considered "sexier" than wearing varnish of different colours. When a woman wears entirely red, most people will look at her because she's in a colour that is the loudest and most magnetic. Animals such as the wild bull are attracted to the colour red and it makes them aggressive, apparantly. My grandmother once told me to remove my red coat as we entered a field because it had bulls grazing there and she said I would be attacked by them if they saw my coat. We've heard these stories. It's a myth. The fact is that bulls can't distinguish the colour red.

In most fairy tales, red is a magical colour.It's the colour of life.

Crystal Links "Red"

Red brides would symbolise womanhood, sensuality, love, fertility, strength (of health and mind), good luck, power of fire, the sun, the Sun Goddess, solar magic, sun maidens, intellect, life giving and nurturing.

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