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Anger is part of nature but on some levels it needs control. Some anger is necessary but other times it is not. Some forms of anger isn't supposed to happen because the person trains themselves into feeling angry when they shouldn't. Anger is born from tensions and also when someone takes an event to heart and feel betrayed, belittled, ridiculed and hurt.

Wolves get angry. Werewolves obviously get very angry. It is my attempt, as a Therianthrope to control the rage, and calm the inner wolf, so that I can live peacefully. Being restless is a form of disharmony and some types of anger is proof of self imbalance.

Anger itself is linked to fire.

Inside everyone is an internal fire.

It can feel like a star, or a flame. It grows intensly and then reduces to smouldering embers and sparkles.

Fire is a positive tool as it helps us to be creative and passionate and enjoy wonderful sex. When we experience the internal fire it can feel like "butterflies" and it alters in different moods. During a heat of passion, we feel this flame grow softly and tingling and then exploding to orgasm.

We also get hot about many things, including writing, painting, forming ideas, going on adventures and even shopping! However, this inner fire can also be tapped into when we're feeling more negative. It creates a build-up of tensions and it may result in us sweating and having burning sensations on the skin that could be linked to going red-faced. Shy people and socially anxious people experience this sensation when they go jittery with nerves, feel embarassed and red, perspiring and twitching muscles. This isn't easy to control as shyness or bashfulness isn't logical but more intuitive.

You can't always control these fires, especially if they are caused by chemicals in your brain and body that associates this mood with that event. You subconsiously train yourself to react to certain patterns. You can channel the fire to alter its temperature, colour and direction, by using visualisation, breathing techniques, change of diet, more excersise, finding outlets to let off steam, other stimuli, doing meditation, getting plenty of sleep, adopting new things, and so on. You won't change it right away as it takes practice until you find something that you are most comfortable with. Anger is used by the inner fire and as I mentioned this angry fire is in everyone. In small children as well as young animals, the inner fire is untamed. This is why they must be disciplined by adults with various techniques, that offer them stimulus and outlets, a way of being creative is a way of channelling aggression. Learning to control your anger is like making your own psychological alchemy. 

It is often important to analyse what you're doing when you feel angry. Understand:
1. WHEN you become angry
2. WHY you are angry
3. Who you are being angry with.

These three things are key answers to solving your anger problems. Once you have established the causes, you can ask yourself what made you think this way. Don't forget that you must never take anything personally. If things are said directly at you personally, why let this matter? It depends on who says it. If you don't know this person, you should feel satisfied knowing you are at an advantage here because you know the truth, you know the answer and you understand who you are. Anyone who says something unpleasant might be "looking" for a fight and don't give them that. If you know the person who upsets you, discover why they are trying to press your buttons and if they don't tell you why, look for the following clues:

Are they happy themselves?
Have they lost something or are they irritable about something besides you?
Do they feel physical pain?
Are they afraid of something large and simply taking it out on others?
Do they seem unable to control the way they are?

If you feel angry, and I bet most of the time when you're angry you don't really want to be, consider all those things before the angry fire takes over you. You must settle and calm down. Take deep breathing excersises and drink fluids, especially cold water. The opposite of fire is water. Find something cold and wet, and symbolically wash yourself down, or do so literally. Think of cold thoughts like the arctic basin or a shimmering waterfall or a deep blue sea. Think of stuff that makes you feel cold "spine chilling" sensations, like the topic of ghosts for instance. Alter your mood. Let this anger fade. Anger happens and it's channeled/controlled by warriors. Turn your anger into calmness.

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