Monday, 8 August 2011

Bad weather, bad hair day

In the wake of freak storms, there is a reason why that is. I have no abundance of time or research to go into details but using my observations. People often moan about the weather and also it's one of the country's favourite topics. In recent times, the weather has turned upside down and become extreme.

It started a long time ago. Early people living in the British Isles left traces behind. One of those was the magnificent structures called megaliths, found all over. Yet Bronze Age people here shaved the landscape of prehistoric forests to build dwellings, boats, make tools and weapons. The removal of these ancient trees left the soil barren, and only grass grows in place.

Rain falls because the signature of the land requires it, to nourish forests and vegetation. When forests have been chopped down, it continues to rain, and this creates damp fields and floods. In Summer, no one can be shaded from the harmful rays or the intense heat. Trees, that covered the islands once, have long since gone but these would've protected us from the harsher elements. The trees that no longer exist would've absorbed all the rain and overflows. They would've been a barrier against bad weather. Shielded us also from cold winters, and kept us a little more safer from the blizzards and ice.

The forests and trees of the country now are set apart from villages, towns and cities. There aren't any villages living within a full forest. Most villages are set by farmland, open fields, shores and hills. Modern people are scared of trees and woodlands, and they hate individual trees because it stops them from getting a suntan when they bathe in their gardens. Also they're afraid of trees full stop.

There is a broken down food chain. Animals that were native to the islands (red squirrels, British wolves, ect) made up the landscape once upon a time and created the landscape. Without certain animals, there has been an overpopulation of other wildlife and an increase in newer problems. The fox and vermin situation is there because the wolf isn't there. If the British wolf still roamed the countryside, there wouldn't be an overpopulation of deer or hare, and less vermin, foxes would not be able to invade farms, and so on. There is an increase in wasps, and an increase in bugs, as there is something missing. Someone interfered with the natural organic process of things.

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