Tuesday, 24 April 2018


"Paranorman" is a 2012 animated film. This is probably one of the few "video nasties" aimed at children. I found it tame, although kids watching it had nightmares because the theme of this animated "family movie" had ghosts, zombies and witches.
I want to review "Paranorman" because I just so happened to watch it the other night with the children, and they selected it, as kids just like cartoon horror. I don't like to review family films or cute slushy movies anyway but this was pretty good. However, this was a horror film just for kids.
Paranorman is quite amusing in places, but it contains some bad language and violence, such as violence against zombies. The message of the film is just quite silly, yet so popcorn entertaining. It was even quite tense in places. Some adults might be terrified of this.
I rate this movie a 4/10.
Most favourite part was badass witch girl who wants ultra power.
(Why don't the super villains ever rule in the end?)
Howls ^^

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