Thursday, 9 June 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Chen Tiangou

It was a chilly Summer morning as I returned home. My little white house between two lacebark trees glowed in the dawn. That twilight sunrise breeze is very cold. Violet clouds were settled across the hills and forests. A herd of antelopes visible on the slopes in the distance, but I'm not going to chase after them. It's much too late and I'm far to tired and old now for such hunting games.
I've been leaving animals alone for most of my life. I'm not interested in killing them for a full moon's thrill when the following day I can buy food from the market. For me, the great hunt is barbaric and unecessary. We, as in, us werewolves have never moved forward in the evolution time period as we're all stuck in the primitive hunter stroke gatherer ways. Some of us few werewolves desire to be civilised, to farm and accept what we are. Being a werewolf is not about hunting and killing. This is how I think, and it was drummed into me by my father, who passed away when I was twelve. He was against the idea that werewolves are just interested in killing.
He was an animal lover and he was an activist too. He campaigned to end the slaughter of domestic dogs for meat. He was arrested for things like that. My mother is a sickly werewolf, who is constantly unwell and bed ridden. I care for her, I shop and work. I act as a nurse.
Werewolves are much more creatures of the moon. We're warriors, healers, artists and thinkers.  
"Your dreams are wild Chen," Mother said to me as I gav her breakfast of soup and she could hardly lift herself up. I know that during a full moon, she becomes a wolf that is very tired and sleeps on the floor. Her yellow eyes are becoming more misted and eventually she'll go blind.
"One day, werewolves will become better understood," I said.
I went outside and watched an air balloon high above wisteria trees and from that balloon were coloured paper. I vanished into the forest. The big cats wouldn't harm me. I've got my abilities to defend myself from danger.
I found scattered pieces of colourful paper and these were fresh and came from that balloon. I noticed they were fliers for a parade going to happen in the haunted and empty Fengmen Village. That was a place best to avoid. Ghosts are really not worth dealing with.
Later my boyfriend Jian came with a bunch of fresh flowers for my mother. It was a really nice thing to do. He's such a gentleman. He took my hand and offered to take me out on a fantastic adventure. I accepted. We got into his car and drove all the way to... yes.
Fengmen Village.
"I don't really want to be here," I said, hoping not to sound too ungrateful.
"Chen, it's going to be cool!" Jian smiled. "I'm going to take pictures."
"Of ghosts?" I asked in shock.
It isn't going to be a fantastic adventure for me.
The whole village gives me the creeps. I noticed a lot of toursist were there with cameras and EVP recorders. Sorry but I'm not going to wait anymore.
The place had its moments. I heard voices and sensed spirits. Most of them were hiding, afraid of me and Jian because we're both werewolves really in our human forms. The bad spirits had to be sleeping.
"Let's get out of here," I said. "I'm hungry."
"We've only been here two hours," he said.
"I prefer to eat a steamed bun that walk around these dead houses. Please let's go. Think of the spice and sugar smells of the food at the market."
I convinced him. We left and had the most delicious snacks in the town market. We had egg rolls, bean icecream and tofu pudding. Jian took me home later.
Tonight is the full moon and he promised to visit me next month so we can explore the forest together as wolves. He promises not to hunt any animals.
But that night, long after Jian went home and mother was still sleeping, a gentle knock on the front door made my heart skip. Who was that?
I looked between the shutters of the window and gazed down to see a girl on the front porch.
The pink lanterns made her illuminated and her hair was long and covered in feathers.
She seemed frail, ill and I couldn't let the poor thing stay outside so late. What if big cats sense her out in the night? Or what if other werewolves come across her and those may not be so nice?
I had to go and answer the door.
And when I did, she was gone. I went out looking for her and couldn't find her. There was unusually no scent either. My wolf side picked up nothing. It was as if she had never existed.
Then inside the house, I noticed a blue figure hovering near my sleeping mother. I went into attack mode, and scared it away. I was sadly too late. Mother was unconsious.
I called for an ambulance straight away. I went with her. The doctors said she had just passed away.
The ghost took my mother.
I shall hunt for this ghost. I don't hunt animals but I shall certainly look for spirits and will get my revenge.        

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2016 Rayne Herbert.

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