Saturday, 25 April 2015

Volcano fire giant

This week on 22/04/2015 the Calbuco Volcano erupted in South Chile. It was the first time that this volcano erupted in about 44 years. Thousands of people living nearby had to be evacuated as a plume of ash cloud rose up like an enormous red tower. Lava flowed everywhere and entered lakes. The volcanic eruption was almost unexpected and very sudden. Towns close to the volcano are covered in ash.  It's not even the only volcano in Chile.

Some believe that the volcano is a sign from the gods. There are, despite rumours, a lot of mytical happenings with volcanoes. They generate myths, legends and even be magnetic sightings of the unknown, supernatural and weird.

Many films and photographs of the recent Calbuco eruption show all kinds of strange iffy images. One particular story focuses on a bright flashing UFO seen near the volcanic ash plume. (For that report visit this link). 

Also a local woman captured an extraordinary picture of a giant human figure standing in the volcanic cloud. Have a look at the photo here.

Valcanoes are a power of the gods, and a force of Mother Nature that makes humans feel so small. It goes to show people are no different to the rest of the animals when it comes to the true glory and movement of the Earth. 

There is a really dark history about the volcanoes in Chile. In ancient times, there were child sacrifices to volcanoes. The Inca empire consisted of places including what is now Chile. Inca tradition once believed that sacrificing children to the volcanoes would please the gods and help provide more food and riches. It was part of a sinister ritual knowned as Capacocha.

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