Saturday, 15 November 2014


Orbs of light. I've seen them countless times. Sometimes indoors, and other times outside. They're not reflections of light, as these orbs are not confined to any surface such as reflected light.  Most of them are very small and cloudy and others are a little bigger like the size of a football. They have different colours. I chased one in a house many years ago and it disappeared. It wasn't a bubble or an insect or a piece of fluff. It was just a light grey ball, dancing and skipping around like Tinkerbell. It was right beside me when I first noticed it, so I went after it and it quickly floated down to the floor and was gone. This year I've woken up in the middle of the night and saw a bright pale blue orb, the size of a tennis ball, next to me and it whizzed away, leaving a silvery trail.

Lights have been reported by many other observers. The most favourite places that mystery light orbs cluster around is over farmland, fields and woodlands. People say that orbs are spirits of the dead or even some are UFO's. Orbs have been photographed by the dozen. I'm not going to guess if orbs of light are either UFO or ghosts. I don't think all of them are the same and not all of them behave the same. 

It takes me to the subject of nature spirits, as I believe this is probably the likeliest answer. People may call them something scientific and fancy but they don't know what unusual lights are. Now if anyone has watched the feature animation film "Princess Mononoke", it touches on nature spirits, particularly forest dwelling spirits and gods. The gods resembled animals, and the tree spirits were tiny little rattling ghosts called the Kodama. They are actually legendary creatures of Japanese folklore, and they're similar to the dryads, huldra, hidden people, wights, elves, will o' the wisps and fairy folk.

Some think that the mysterious orbs of light could be fairies, will o' the wisps and land wights. Many people accept that the orbs are ball lightning, luminous fungi, plasma, triboelectric effects and biogas. But even the phenomena of ball lightning is not explainable to science. It's just a matter-of-fact description of what could/might be an intelligence spirit. The strange light shows called the Hessdalen Lights, in Norway, is still not explainable either but it's known and recorded. Other locations, like the Marfa Lights in Texas, U.S.A., and Gurdon Light in Arkansas, are confusing to the serious minded.

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