Monday, 12 May 2014

Warmth in those amber eyes

The name I give to the spirit of wolves, all wolves, and their cousins the wild foxes and dogs in the woodlands, the hyenas, dingos and jackels of the sunnier lands, and the coyotes of the wild Americas, the dholes in jungles, and even the memory of prehistoric canidea etched in fossil records.

There's no mistaking that these animals, the wild predator has been wronged by humanity for the past few hundreds of years, if not thousands. The animals, mainly wolves, have been hunted and slaughtered to non existence from many lands and islands. These animals are not a pest.

Without them, the landscape would be barren. The absense of wolves has changed the landscape and culture of Britain. People harp on the green and pleasant land but it's just that, green and flat, or with some grassy dunes mostly cultivated. The actual forests have shrunken and what lives there now are other wild animals, the over population of deer that, even though these have much right to live there, they feed off the forest. A reintroduction of wolves will see a decline in the deer population, and alter the populations of other wild animals too, and increase the growth of trees and shrubs.

For whatever reason, out of fear and ignorance, the animals won't be let go into the wild but kept on conservations. Still maybe that is good for them too in the present attitude, as the wolves are being cared for and understood greatly by humans. I believe that wolf conservations and any conservation is a gift because humans working there are doing what nature intended of us, become guardians of the earth. Protectors of animals and not destroyers.

The wolf has been misunderstood by people. One of the biggest of these lies is the werewolf legend. I'm not saying werewolves don't exist. I'm sure werewolves do probably exist on a supernatural level, and may be entities or even an unknown creature stalking the landscape between different dimesions. Or the werewolf is the soul of a person taking on the bestial character of the wolf. Warriors used to be like this. Then madmen who killed innocent people called themselves "werewolves" and today anyone who thinks of themself as a wolf is classed as Lycanthropic sufferer.

Wolves and werewolves are totally different. The actual wolf animal and I don't mean any of the other canines of the wildnerness, but perhaps some, is the ancestor of the domestic dog. Humans domesticated wolves because of several needs and the biggest of all is hunting help. Wolves have a powerful sense of smell and ancient humans used them and trained them to help track down prey, dead carcasses, water, fruit, other human settlements and disease!

Humans are, argue with it or not, a scavanger breed. The strongest and fastest and wisest people hunted and then farmed. But everyone else was fed and looked for food. Today people are fed and buy food delivered at stores. Most people are not aware of this but ancient humans relied on the senses of wolves to help hunt, find food, find shelter and water, know about the weather and to prepare for the worst. In time, wolves developed a friendship with humans and humans forgot these animals were once wild.

We owe it to the wolves that we're here now, and that we progressed in hunting skills, travelled, located settlements, avoided dangers, found better quality fertile land ripe for sowing, developing a bridge of two species forming friendships and bonds, making a dog and a human adopted family members, and to be self disciplined in loyalty and trust.  

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