Saturday, 26 April 2014

Poisonous & Beautiful: Stargazer lily

This will be a series of twelve posts about all the loveliest prettiest natural wildlife things that are also deadly and toxic. I'm starting with Stargazer lily, mostly because it's my favourite flower, I've got hairclips of fake Stargazing lilies and it's the same age as me!

The flower was bred in the 1970's by a hybridiser called Leslie Woodriff. Stargazer lily got it's name because it always looked towards the sky, and appears to do the same at night. They are born from Oriental lillies.

The flowers love to thrive in subtropical temperatures with plenty of sunlight. These flowers are wonderfully scented fragrant flowers. It's appearance is of a perfect elegant star in six large petals, striking spotted pattern detail, coming in different colours of pink, red and white. Long slender filaments and fiery stamens burst from the middle. The pollen is thick and golden, so beware, it can stain clothes.

These beautiful flowers are popular with gardeners and celebrations. The Stargazer lilies are favoured at bridal ceromonies. Many brides and bridesmaids wear them in their hair and carry these Stargazer lily boutiques. Even decourations on layered wedding cakes are stargazer lilies, real or fake. Girls like to wear a Stargazer lily at parties, and sporting tattooes of Lillium Stargazer flowers is something personal and a growing trend too. Despite how pretty and perfumed they are, and how nice they look on food, Stargazer lilies are pretty poisonous!

They've got a reputation of being cat killers. These flowers are noxious towards cats, who've eaten them in their owners gardens. Cats suffer a load of illnesses, kidney failure, heart attacks and death from eating a Stargazer lily. Anyone with these flowers should be careful of the serious hard it will do to your kitties. To avoid this, place a cat scarer (in the form of a feline statue) close by the Stargazer lily to put off any wondering cat from going near the poison flowers. Although it's not been reported of harming humans and other animals, eating them should be avoided.   

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