Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A real sweet tooth

 They say werewolves can't be vegetarians, or vegans, or flexitarians but this is all hype. First of all werewolves in the Hollywood sense don't exist. Secondly, the true werewolves come in many different types, from therianthropes, to lycanthropes, to warriors or the wolf heads and berserkers, to the porphyric conditioned people to the bloodlines of the ancient kings, to the masters and priestesses of wolf gods and spirits. While many therianthropes and certainly lycanthropes play act, and believe in the stereotypes and myths, the true werewolves just live without putting on airs. Food wise, I'm a flexitarian, to be extra specific a pollo-pescetarians meaning that I like vegetarian food and a little meat sometimes but not all the time. I couldn't eat cows, horses, sheep or deer. I like fish, pork, chicken, turkey, goose, duck and lobster.

The human is a tampered animal, and so is the domestic dog. Both humans and dogs have different physiology and diets. There is cross contamination and illnesses. Dogs have more genetic defects than wolves. Humans have a lot of genetic impurities and therefore looks at the wolf as the original ancestor. Many people are accustomed to fear of wolves out of centuries of executions and witch mania. But far far back in the dawn of time, humans and wolves started to unite as hunting comrades.

There are omnivorous, or flexitarian canids. All canids including dogs and wolves are omnivorous but wolves less so as they generally eat more meat than plants. But I have seen wolves munching away on berries, melons, pumpkins and cake! Foxes have a mainly omnivorous diet. There are so many different foxes in the world, from the fluffy yellow city fox, the red country fox, the white arctic fox, the grey Ethiopian fox, big-eared fenec fox and the brown crab eating fox. Black foxes are considered "unlucky" but these are mystical animals and are a "silver fox" or Vulpes vulpes. These foxes have been domesticated. The maned wolves of South America eat mainly fruit, plants, vegetables, roots, insects and a little meat. These tall, delicate looking canids are red in colour with long manes. They hunt occasionally and they like to hunt alone, instead of within packs. They are a monogamous. Their traits are very similar to human beings. And like people, wolves (and all other canidea) love sweet things and not just meat!

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