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The Power of Ostara


The Easter holiday is coming soon now. Most people understand Easter is usually associated with bunnies, chicks and decourated easter eggs. This season has pagan origins, and some of you are well aware of that. Easter as a name derives from the name of an Anglo-Saxon goddess named Eostre. This goddess is also named Ostara. For pagans and Heathens it's the time of goddess Ostara. I've covered that in previous posts. I also mentioned the etymology of Ostara and Eostre, it's PIE root word and linked to ancient Sanscrit names that branched off. It basically says "Maiden of the East" or "Eastern Maiden of the Day". That name Ostara and Eostre has developed in different angles and languages.

The name "Ostara"

I researched the name again and had a second opinion. I also explained this in detail in my post "Hidden Within the Norse Gods part 1" under Ostara. Ostara and Eostre as a name itself is related to the following other names and words:
Astra (goddess)
Astraea (goddess)
Ana and Anna (goddess)
Artio (goddess)
Astarte (goddess)
Artemis (goddess)
Danu (goddess)
Dione (goddess)
Diana (goddess)
Ishtar (goddess)
Sita (goddess)
Tara (goddess)

The Goddess

Ostara is mainly associated with springtime, flowers and light. I consider Ostara as more of a celestial goddess rather than an earth bound goddess.

Her name "OSTARA" includes the word star. Her name reflects both the East, stars and light. The name Ostara can be traced to other goddesses with names that all mean "star", "spring time, star" and "east".

Ostara appears when the flowers grow. She's a powerful goddess that arrives during spring. It might be worth noting here that in spring, the constellation of Virgo becomes visible. Virgo means The Maiden, and represents maidenly (sometimes virginal) goddesses. "At first the constellation doesn't look like a person, until you realize she is lying down! Her head is towards the east". Windows to the Universe - Virgo

Ostara is a goddess of the stars who looks towards the east. She's the constellation of Virgo.

The ancient people knew very much about astronomy and they regarded Ostara and Eostre in a different way than what we do today. They were fascinated by the planets and stars. They knew the movements of space. The arrival of Virgo in the stars during spring coincided with the appearance of flowers and wild animals, such as fertile hares. It was this time round that the ancients looked upon Virgo as the Goddess of Stars. Her names are: Ostara, Eostre, Tara, Ishtar, Astra, Artemis... going back to the list again.

Have a wonderful Ostara!

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The picture is "Goddess Ostara" by Mickie Mueller

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