Monday, 26 November 2012

Red Wolf Medicine

Red Wolf Medicine - During these times, going through cancer treatment, I discovered help from spiritual feedback. While meditating I encountered a wolf who assured me that I needed to go on a proper regime. On a low iodine diet at this time now, but I've eaten things I shouldn't have done, thinking it was okay. This wolf's presence made me see the foods I've been eating at the start of the diet, that I had to drop. I admit to have eaten biscuits and bread containing salt! Bad. The Red Wolf showed me what food is better, which the Macmillan list didn't put on the Avoid list.

Foods you can eat when on a low iodine diet are: soya milk, soya produce, meat, vegetables, fruit, spices, garlic, onions, nuts, almonds, rice, pasta, tomatoes, salt free biscuits and cake, fat, sunflower oil, salt free bread, anything with low/free of salt and non-dairy. There is chocolate soya mousse and biscuits.   

Being on a low iodine diet is tough when the paperwork is negative, mainly telling patients what food to avoid, and not really what recipes to have. At present, I've been on a strict diet set out by the doctors because I'm due to have radioactive iodine treatment soon. I have to avoid eating any salt, dairy products, seafood and processed food. At first I was confused because cutting out most other food not listed because they contain traces of milk and salt. I got in the habit of reading the ingredients. I'm allowed to eat fresh fruit, other fresh meat, vegetables, water, soya and that's about it. I surfed for information about what else people on low iodine diets can eat.

People who've had thyroid cancer have been too scared to eat a slice of bread because it's got salt in it. No one wants to enter the radioiodine treatment full of too much iodine and risk whatever. The word "radiation" sounds scary enough. So for anyone interested in food for thyroid cancer patients, or people about to go on radioiodine treatment, here is what I can post. A list of food for low iodine treatment.


A bowl of cereal with soya milk. The cereal can be made of bran or oats.
Tomatoes, bacon, sausages, toast.
Porridge or if you don't like it have stoat bars (porridge bars).
Cereal bars
Chopped fruit, or add soya yoghurt or milk.


A carton of 5 a Day (minus cheese)
Soya mousse
Health bars
Soup and bread
Sesame seed bars
Seeded bread with salad, meat such as chicken.
Freshly baked bread
Dried fruits
Garlic bread and soya spread.


Rice, chicken and peppers.
Pasta and minced beef with onions and tomatoes.
Sausages and mashed potatoes
Lamb, roast veg, jacket potatoes.
Mint potatoes, onions, beans and bacon.
Unsalted curry


Iodine free pancakes
Maple syrup
Rice cakes

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  1. Hi Rayna-

    I specialize in working with cancer patients and just wanted to add a word of encouragement. You have a very treatable condition and after the radiotherapy you will probably be just fine. All forms of cancer are scary when they happen to oneself. But you hang in there and I expect all will be well. Positive thoughts sent to you.

    Scot Giles ( if you are interested).

  2. Thank you Scot Giles for posting and wishing me well. I'm really not worried that much. I'm hoping to give out positivity to others who are scared of this cancer because there's hope.