Thursday, 25 October 2012

This is dark stuff, not kindness

Certain prayers, healing energy and helpful tools like the pendulum can harm someone. It's not something I've come across in books but from my own personal experience, I feel like posting about what I've discovered. 

Pendulums are keys to Pandora's Box  

Most stuff I've come across in books and magazines about pendulums is that it's "only a tool". It locates water, ley lines and answers. It has been said to connect people to their higher selves and make people feel comforted. Most people I know of have one. I did have one, made of silver and crystal. Then it was destroyed AFTER I used it. Why? Because I was simply following instructions in the booklet it came with, and soon opened a door that I was unaware of. I experienced a series of very nasty entities that appeared right after using the pendulum. I was in contact with the dead, that first imitated dead relatives. These things became unfriendly and dangerous. A friend took away that pendulum and broke it. Nothing and no one advised me to shield myself from using that. A pendulum is exactly the same as a Ouija board. I posted about this online on a message forum a couple of years ago, to warn people using pendulums. That was in reply to someone saying they too were getting weird feedback after using a pendulum. The moderators and admin refused to believe me, saying I was "scaring people". In their opinion, pendulums are tools of "light". An article in a magazine written by a "wise" person, talking about pendulums as if they are friendly and helpful in spiritual development. No warning sticker. There is no warning against this piece of equipment. Pendulums are keys that unlock doors bringing in sinister entities.    

The cost of "healing"thoughts

This is well-meaning and often done by more than one person, who cares about another. What they're sending, depends on how they're doing it. For instance, a person who's sick or unhappy may get a reaction from loads of people making prayers, healing energy or "get well" thoughts to them. It's often said that it works. However it doesn't do what it's meant to do. These "prayers" and healing energies, are removing healthy energies from another person, often themselves who are sending it. People who've sent a lot of healing to somebody else often becomes poorly at any time. Coincidence? I don't know. I've sent healing to people myself over the years, including to a friend in America who had cancer. He recovered very well. Soon after that I had several illnesses, pneumonia and bronchitis, now cancer. My immunity was down 99%. I simply willed it away to another.  If you send healing energy to a person, always make sure you proceed to heal yourself afterwards, for giving away your spiritual and physical immunity strength. It's like donating all of your vital organs whilst you're alive, it will guarantee you ill health and death. Although sending healing is a nice gesture, it has a price to pay (your health), and healing prayers can backfire upon those sending it out.  

Dangers of sending out "healing" entities

Another thing that people do out of compassion for another going through a tough time. They send them entities! In the past, someone sent me a "healing angel" without my permission, and although she meant well, such an act was dangerous and this resulted in me getting nightmares. Another sent me a "healing water deity" but he didn't know its name when I asked who it was. He didn't really know wtf he was doing playing with magic like that. It depends on the person sending a "healing being", what that particular being is and what it could mean for the target (person who receives it), and the receiver's personality and beliefs also. How do you know it's a healing spirit?  It could be something else. How do you know that this healer was sent to that person? Sending it to someone leaves that person in a gullible position, they've got a channel opened by you the "healer" so any darker thing can enter. When someone you know is sick, shield them with protective energy using iron sources (stones, objects, talismans, pendants). Guard them against mass prayer, healing and angelic stuff sent by others. Bounce off mass healing prayers and "healing" spirits for this is unwelcome baggage and tainted with paranormal activity. Don't use "power of prayer" magic. Send flowers, cards and physical hugs.

Before anyone does it... 

Ask the person's permission first if they would like to receive healing in the way of generated thoughts, candle magic or wishes. Ask them if it's okay to send them a being of whatever. If the person agrees, make sure you shield yourself. Then ask permission of the earth to send healing instead. Usually, this is granted but you have to pay, depending on how much healing you want sent. Picture that person getting healing from the earth, medicines and plants, and not from you or some big spirit, or angelic form. Thank the earth for proving healing but expect to pay your fee, and it could be a bump along the way.

The picture is "Pandora's Box" by Marta Dahlig.

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