Thursday, 23 August 2012

Breathing and dreaming

It's easy to consider your own land element. Some people describe themselves simply as "townies" or "country bumpkins". My friend and his family are, as he said, "Mountain People". He mentioned that generations of his ancestors all lived in the mountains of Germany. It's why he prefers cool weather, winter and snow. I guess it is because those mountains made up his personality. It's like romance of human genes and landscape.

What type of person are you? Consider the landscape of your family of origin. I knew another who described herself as a "City Girl" because she was born, raised and lived all her life in cities. Another person I know said they're a "farm girl" because she's always lived in a rural community surrounded by farms. I'm a "beach girl". I was born in a naval town, I regularly visited the beach growing up, I love boats and don't get seasick. My relatives have owned boats, worked on them and live beside the sea. A few of my family members like to surf. I get a thrill of butterflies whenever I get near the coastline. I love it. My heart pounds by the sea. There's been times when I haven't gone to a beach for ages but I often dream of being there. I've gone to places like in the picture above with palms, warm sea and sand. I guess it's in my blood to enjoy beaches.

It isn't just about DNA. The landscape also makes us who we are. It is because our ancestors are also part of the same place. Buried there and ingrained features with the past. Nature is important. To deny us our natural landscape is to deny who we are. Our souls are linked to nature. If anyone tries to remove this connection we have with land then it's no different to cutting off the food supply. We're not separate from nature or the animals.

The land and sea nurtures us, feeds us, helps us breath and dream. The land and sea contains magic, memories, healing properties, power and spirits. If you're from the town or city, the concrete, stone, metals, glass and people (animals) you'll get fragments and broken puzzle works. So when people visit nature, free from urban places, they feel a sense of oneness. Some people can't describe what it is as they're transfixed.

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