Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Magic of the snow

The most fascinating sight in winter over a winter night with snow is the vision of the aurora lights. These lights are IMHO the Rainbows of Night Time. They appear to dance, wave and ripple in a variety of colours, like a sheet of multi coloured silk. It looks like a curtain of colours. They spread across the skies near the furthest north near the Arctic. And you can look at them in the furthest south too, near Antarctica.

Wolves have been witnessed to howl during the appearance of these aurora lights. They howl musically to the aurora.

The aurora borealis are a beautiful sight to see. You have to venture to places like Norway and Alaska to see them. They have been known to appear elsewhere if there is a particular event in space, i.e. a major solar flare. These lights can and have been seen over the United Kingdom. They are not always visible from the UK but check out the links below for aurora and space weather predictions and forecasting.   

More details (with nice pictures) on the Aurora:
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Forecasting the Aurora lights:
Aurora Watch UK
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