Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Winter Wolf

The country freezes in almost Arctic conditions. The snows came in November, and the air was stinging of North Winds. The frosts began, with fogs, and snow followed, leaving a blanket of white beauty across the land. This lovely picturesque landscape, like a traditional card for the festive season, holds many problems. The temperatures are not only chilling and could damage the soil as well as roads, but it's killed and removed vital energy sources from residential homes. People have gone without light, heating or electricity. There is the inability to travel. Snow causes immobility. It freezes everything and shuts down the system. While people try to carry on doing their work and living their lives, or even enjoying the snow (schools closed meant that children had extra time off so that they can play!), the snow has caused a breakdown of traffic and food shortages.

It's a winter unlike other winters on record of the British weather. Since the weather reports began in the 19th Century, the United Kingdom has never been this cold. It's unknown how the temperatures were before these records began (but we did experience drastic temp changes in ancient and pre-historic times).

This is the time of winter and although it can be extremely cold in other places, it has never been so cold here in the UK before. It caught everyone by surprise. This doesn't usually happen, and it could be the thing of whatever comes in future as we may see this from now on. Maybe we'll see more winters like this? Perhaps it's the start of an Ice Age era? Maybe there isn't such a thing as Global Warming but instead Global Cooling. I personally think we're long anticipating some form of catastrophe anywhere in the world, and there is so much chaos in the world that it effects the weather and the earth. I'm sounding frantic here but not because there's been so much snow. It's observation and reports that ring bells.

The white coldness is the symbol of my post: "The Winter Wolf". The Wolf of iciness, with a heart rigid and cruel. It stops time itself. It makes our tools too difficult to use and power supply becomes useless. The Winter Wolf is not an actual wolf of the forests or parks, but a primordial sense like a force of nature, a spirit, divine being. Some might suggest it's the opposite of life, the bringer of death, the destroyer of warmth and love, clouds which cover the sun and moon from us and what makes the land infertile. It's winter itself, but also a glacial period, and a sign that nature is out of harmony. We have winter because of the technical layout of our orbital pattern around the sun and distance it moves from it. However, this does not explain why the fact that the earth is closest to the sun during winter and furthest from the sun during summer. Or why such seasons we have did not occur at the time of the dinosaurs. Look at mythology and even fairy tales. Notice how the symbol of SNOW and WOLVES appear to represent what I've mentioned here.    

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