Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The wild scent

Wolves have a very sensitive sense of smell. So in folklore tradition, werewolves are said to have a delicate nose and they can smell things more acutely in their transformations than when they are in human form. They despise garlic and they adore the night. There isn't much information about what werewolves do like, only what they don't like. Therianthropy is not the same as the werewolf myth. One of the things female therianthropes love is chocolate, as well as flowers and fragrant things including insense.

To make the woman therianthrope's den into a boudior, it's vital to have fragrant flowers during night. There are flowers that give off perfumes at night time and others that bloom. Nicotiana, Cestrum Nocturnum, Dama de Nocha, Iris and even some species of roses. Bring in night blooming flowers into the room, beside an open window and in a vase filled with fresh water to keep the night with a touch of magic: Moonflowers, Angel's Trumpet, Night Scented Stock and orchid. White flowers tend to shine when it becomes dark. Incense can be used as one of the best to use at night is vanilla. 

Some types of flowers and plants are offensive, such as garlic. There is some history behind it as well as myth. In ancient times garllic was fed upon to increase physical strength and health. It acts also as an insect repellant. Garlic is an old medicinal ingrediant and it reduces cholesterol. Regardless of these benefits, some people just hate garlic with a passion and they avoid touching it. Garlic also wards against evil monsters. Wolfsbane (Aconitum) is a poison that also repels and destroys werewolves. It has links with magic and the occult but the plant is quite dangerous for many.

It's not realy considered when werewolves (particularly females) are self consious about perfume and insense. The therianthrope can like anything from fashionable body sprays to scented candles. As the nose is delicate, let's consider the gentle and sweet aromas that a werewolf can love.

Roses are the most popular scented flower. White roses or "Alba" shine luminous in the evening and they glimmer at night. They look perfect for the garden for nocturnal individuals.  This rose represents purity and innocence. Snow White with the paleness of snow is the symbol of girlish and maidenly innocence and vulnerability. Brides wear white. Virgins are associated with white. It is true that not only is Snow-White as white as snow in the fairytale but her hair is ebony, she has a double in "Snow White and Rose Red". This fairytale features her with blonde hair and she has a dark haired sister called Rose Red. Red roses are linked with love and passion. The scent of a red rose is vibrant and the white rose smells fainter.  

There are far more flowers with perfumed scents that are good for the garden and the lycanthropic! Lavender is one that I have in my garden. Have a look at this page that is informative: The Essential Werewolf's Garden

It might be worth mentioning that the poisonous Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) was used as a cosmetic throughout the centuries but this plant should be avoided. 

"In Norse Mythology, Ithunn was the goddess of the early spring. She was the guardian of the golden apples which the gods would eat to make them youthful again when they felt themselves growing old.

Golden apples and tender apple blossoms touched by sweet honeyed nectar and the faint dew of osmanthus, lilac, and jasmine."

Apple trees blossom in Spring and apple blossoms are white as well as finely scented. It attracts bees when these blossoms are full of honeyed nectar. They should be visible at night also when they blossom. 

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