Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Wolf Goddess: Hecate

The dark Goddess, as I outlined previously in the post "Blood Red Bride", is part of the discovery of the She Wolf Night's blog. Hecate is one of the dark Goddesses who manifests in different ways in different forms. She is associated with wolves. Let us explore further.

She is known as a goddess of Greek mythology. Daughter of the destructive Titan Perses and Asteria the Starry One. Hecate has been linked with the moon, virginity, triple goddess and wolves and witchcraft.

The Goddess has been named "Goddess of the Crossroads" or the triple goddess, meaning that She has three sides. The three parts include Maiden, Mother and Crone. The three moons, Waxing, Full and Waning. The Goddess has been depicted in earlier art forms as having three heads. She's been considered as being a triple goddess and an animal Goddess. The three sides has been said to be her powers over the Earth, sky and the seas. Past, Present and future. She's the Goddess with animal companions, horses, bears, snakes, owls, dogs and/or wolves. The holder of torches. A luminous Goddess who walks at night.

Hecate was regarded as Goddess of the underworld, Goddess of the dead. Goddess of ghosts who sees into the afterlife.

People who felt poverty and were poor slaves honoured Hecate. So did women. They asked for her spiritual guidance. Women giving birth to babies asked for Hecate's blessing to help them go through the pain. Hecate was the Goddess of life and death.

Objects linked with the Goddess Hecate are:

The new moon (dark moon), torch, crossroads, the number Three, triple-headed animals, masks, candles, willow, raisin fruits, pumpkins, yew trees, sapphire gems.

Queen of the Night. The Distant One. Names behind the meaning of the Goddess.

She appears in animal form as a wolf.

Shrine of Hekate
Hecate's Cauldron
Theoi Greek Mythology

My own theory is that she represents something within women. The side that makes women become intune with the spirit realm, the afterlife, abilities of talking to the dead. This is part of the deep and dark side (the secret art) of psychic wisdom, or psychic ability. Women who can do this have traits beyond the norm.

Goddess Hecate helped the maiden Goddess Persephone who was kidnapped by Hades and taken deep into the underworld to be a bride, against her will. Women who are frightened, in pain and sent into darkness seek the protection of something greater.

For me, Hecate's triple aspects mean: Maiden (the new moon, strength, light), Mother (protectress, power, authority, heals women in childbirth) and Crone (death, afterlife, magic).

She is associated with the number three and this is a powerful figure.
Numbers and their meanings

Above artwork by Jessica Galbreth 
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