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The Power of Freya

Freya is the Germanic goddess of love and beauty. In Old Norse, her name is Freyja and this means "the lady". She is also named Vanadis, as she was of the Vanir, a tribe of fertility gods. She is, according to mythology, the sister of Frey or Ing. She's the wife of Od. The day of the week Friday is named after Freya.

She is said to wear a magical gold necklace named Brisingamen and a cloak of feathers. She rides a golden chariot pulled by two blue coloured big cats. She sometimes rides upon a large boar named Hildisvini the "battle swine".

It's later told that Freya is the queen of the Valkyries (shield maidens, swan maidens, raven girls and nymphs of the aurora borealis). She is the queen of the Disir, or the female ancestor spirits. Freya is a shape shifting goddess who turns into a raven. Known to  have cried gold tears in grief of her husband's death, She remained loyal to him even when his body became a sea monster.

Freya is daughter of the sea god Njord but Freya's mother is unknown! Once the star system of Orion was called "Freya's gown" by the ancient Germanic people. Freya owns land, including a realm of the dead called Folkvangr, or "people's field". It's a meadow for the war dead and their departed loved ones who go there. Freya is a goddess of passion, love, fertility as well as war and death.     

The eternal symbol of love is a Heart. It's a symbol of Freya. Associated with romance, sensuality, beauty and wealth, Freya is very similar to the Greek Aphrodite. After much intense research, I've concluded that this has to be one and the same goddess.

In mythology, as written in the poetic and prose Eddas, Freya has many lovers. She is also a loving wife and mother. Her two daughters are called Jewel and Treasure. I've Anglicised this because in mythology, their names were in Old Norse that are "Gersemi" and "Hnoss".  

Freya is the goddess of the planet Venus. She's the goddess of fire, gold, amber, heat and light. To understand Freya's magic and light, one must know some details about Venus, the planet as well. Venus is the second planet from the sun and shows the brightest object in the sky after the moon. It's both the star of the morning and star of the evening. Dawn and dusk star. Venus is similar in size, shape and gravity to our home planet Earth, except that it's too severe to live on with constant volcanic activity, sulphuric acid, flames, molten lava and erupting volcanoes. The Venus sky is made of hot clouds. All of this is a metaphor of heated passionate love and sex. The clouds, like the cloak of feathers, and the very brighteness of the star seen in the morning and evening, as the shimmering beauty of golden Freya.

Ancient people didn't have the technical knowledge of the planet's make-up although they had a very good understanding of space. If you think about it. Venus the planet has always been associated with the prime goddess of love, be it Freya, Aphrodite and Venus. Myths are a bunch of oral traditions written down, then chopped and edited. One might ask if Freya is the planet Venus Herself! The sun and moon influences life on this planet. Do other bright stars? Is there more to it? Does astrology have a secret hidden meaning in astronomy? I don't just mean the zodiac either. 

Boars are Freya's animals because she rode one mighty boar, and these beasts were sacrificed to the Vanir. Cats are often associated with magic. Freya as the goddess has been demonised in centuries past, as a sorceress with cat familiars. The necklace made by dwarves, the treasures and gold Freya wears and creates, is light and fire itself. The fire and light of the star of Venus. The planet as an object only looks like a bright star to us through the telescope but astrally, spiritually or on a different level of consiousness and perhaps on another dimension, that planet is Her? When you invoke Freya, you tap into the source of the planet Venus.  
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The above artwork is "Mist" by J. Bowser


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