Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hearts and Howls

As many of you are aware, that Valentine's Day is a time for showing ones affection towards the other, or expected to do so. The time of year is in late Winter, during the bloom of early flowers in the cold mists. Snowdrops, crocus flowers and daffodils open. Some trees already have pink blossoms. Birds are active in nests. Foxes, that can't be trusted, scavenge and run over frosty grasses. The air is chilled but the sun seems brighter. Darkness fades. People are swamped, not just with the ongoing wintry cold, mud and damp, but with red hearts and red roses. I want to mention that the true essence of Valentine's Day has been lost. It isn't really about giving gifts to lovers. It's something else.

Firstly, V Day is pagan in origin. It goes back to ancient times where people had fertility celebrations during this period. The 14th February was a day in celebration of the goddess Juno. Girls names were put in jars, and selected by potential mates. People treated it with more spice, and there was more emphasis on sex than romantic love. It was about one-night-stands, love games, orgies, drinking and reveling. All the stuff that modern people would regard as "bad". Lupercalia was similar to the Greek day Lykaia.

There was the pagan Lupercalia Day, held on the 15th February, in celebration of the nature god Faunus (Pan). Animals were sacrificed. Young men chased women with whips. This day was dedicated to the she wolf goddess Lupa, who raised the founders of Rome. The day was celebrated throughout Italy and Gaul.

The season is part of the tradition of the Saxon Solmonath ("cake month"), by offering cakes and food to the gods. There is the "Feast of Vali" that was in honour of the warrior son of Odin, light over darkness. This ancient northern celebration "Feast of Vali" was about showing love (compassion, respect, loyalty) throughout the community among family and friends.

The symbol of Valentine's Day is a heart and the flowers are red roses. The heart is a symbol of Freya. Red roses are sacred flowers of love goddesses Freya, Aphrodite and Venus.  Showing the hearts everywhere is a secret honouring to Freya. Giving out chocolates and roses was something that people gave to the gods (cake month).

The love people share one another, as in couples celebrating this time, is what used to be for the gods, a devotional love for the divine. The secret of Valentine's Day is that the ancient meaning is lost today.

So enjoy V day. 


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