Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Predators in Your Backyard

"Predators in Your Backyard" is a TV documentary made by "Horizon" from the BBC. It features wolves in Yellowstone Park, panthers in Florida and bears in Italy. I understand the reintroduction of predators into the wilderness, as this programme outlines why. Yellowstone Park was turning barren because a large increased population of elk was stripping the land of plants and trees. They had to be culled somehow, but their natural predator, the wolf, was killed off by people 100 years ago. In the 1990's wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone Park and now trees and forests are growing back. Certain other species of animal returned also and this landscape was transformed into a jewel of beauty. Wild predators make the land what it is.
Near end of the show, I would like to disagree on something and allow my voice to be read.
It was about a certain breed of wild horses, starving in North America because there are too many of them. Their natural predator, the smilodon or sabre-toothed cat, no longer exists. They suggested that they could introduce the African lion into this North American landscape to cull the horses because lions hunt zebras!
I really disagree with this idea because I think it's wrong of us to play with nature like that. These horses are dying as a breed because of nature and it isn't the fault of human as it was about wolves, panthers and bears. Nature is deciding that these horse will soon fade. By humans placing a new animal (the Saharan lion) into a different continent means that humans are not thinking of the consequences doing this. It may cause problems for the wilderness. People are surely interfering with nature again by doing that?
Make your own mind up and watch this show here: Predators in Your Backyard

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