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There are few accounts of these entities, or rather, legendary monsters seen in the snowy drifts of the mountains of Tibet and Nepal.

They go by many names famously called "Yeti" and "Abominable Snowman". They are a form of cryptid, a mythical and maybe a fantastic creature not known or possibly imaginative. It is said these beasts are half men and half bears although some consider them to be apelike. They are usually large and white but some have written about these unsual beings brown in appearance. Strange footpints have been found in snow by teams of explorers.

Whatever these creatures are, they have many names and have many sightings all around the world.

The snow beast has been sighted from across the globe in areas of Asia, the Americas, Europe (even in Scotland) and Australia. Some have explained them off as being animals such as a blue bear.

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The world is full of stories about such large, ferocious beasts. They manifest in human works of fiction, especially in cinema and gaming. For example, the Yetilike creature appears in "Beast Quest," "Final Fantasy", "Quake" and "Rune".The Yeti has appeared in many films including "Yeti (2009)", "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" and "Monsters Inc".

Apart from this, many people have fears of the snow, and they imagine seeing monstrous shapes, hearing noises and even visualising horror. Every Winter when there is a heavy snowfall, children like to build snowmen. It is often considered an act of artistry and skill, especially if you build a large snowman. Some children may even fear their own snowmen, at night when these white figures are outside looking like spectres. People have been building snowmen since the Middle Ages. Some may even find that snowmen are often "creepy" in appearance, and reminds others of horror films and nightmares.

Video of a mysterious creature

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