Sunday, 4 April 2010

Daffodil Dreams

The wolf has a powerful sense of smell.

Nature tends to be full of perfumes of many diffeent plants and animals. The weather also has a smell, and the wolf can detect what the weather is going to be like. The wolf knows when rain is about to come as the wind carries a distinctive scent. The wolf can smell water, even though humans can't.

April and the season of Easter. A muddy and wet holiday, with traditions of chocolate eggs and bunnies that mean nothing to wolves. For the werewolf, or the therianthrope, this time of year means a lot as well as the smell of the rain and what's for dinner... (more later in another post about holidays and traditions).

Near where I live there is a striped hill with two different shades: Oat brown and Soil brown. I call them this. The hill is farmland that rises above a set of houses. Further down the hill are trees and a thirteenth century church yard with massive yew trees everywhere. It's the place one can imagine vampires and gouls hanging out in. Possibly this is why it attracts a few of the village youths! The flowers are bright in the dark wet grass, especially after rainfall. Muddy slopes and animal burrows scatter the parks and streets. It smells of mud and it's quite a sweet smell and rough too, like bread.

Then there are narrow lanes, footpaths, hidden passages and natural archways leading off into wild fields. Ghostly rabbits dance there in twilight. From one of the parks is a scenic view of the forests far off, and a sight of a chalk figure of a white horse on a distant hill. I camped over there once and the region was fairytalish and a big thunder storm happened.

The wolf can sense how heavy or light rain will fall. The wild flowers like daffodils and daisies carry a gentle aroma, not noticeable to many people. Do wolves like flowers? Yes. Wolves admire flowers and also regard them as "sign posts" that hold colours, perfumes and shapes. Treating the flowers as landmarks but without the need to rely on them completely. Wolves don't get lost. The she-wolves tend to be aware of the herbal qualities in plants. They also like having their dens near vivid flowers but if not then that's okay! Wolf pups play among the flowers.

A daffodil, for instance, has a significant importance to female werewolves. The golden colours of this early Springtime flower reminds us of the approaching warmth, the sun, the colour of a wolf's eyes at night. And of course it's a colour of health and strength. Gold is opposite silver in some respects due to it's medicinal reminder. The colour of yellow is one of the rainbow shades that werewolves believe are magical. Werewolves often linger in cornfields during the warmer seasons when the corn flowers brightly.

Gold and yellow is a symbolic colour of fire, the sun, wealth, spiritual enlightenment, health, intellect and medicine. Daffodils are the symbolic flowers of love, health and fertility.

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