Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Heart of the Vixen

The distant relative of the wolf is the vulpes, or fox. They belong to the Canidae family. Smaller and far gentler than wolves but carnivorous, they hold a place in the imagination, spirits, hearts and minds of everyone just as much as the wolf. Sometimes it's obvious that the fox has a more prominent place in human lives than wolves do, mainly because there seems to be far more foxes dwelling in human societies than there are wolves.

It is believed that foxes have supernatural powers, psychic gifts and can shapeshift into humans. Many legends describe she-foxes becoming women. Foxes play a dominant part in folklore myths and legends around the Far East, particularly in Japan. These stories and myths of foxes, knowned famously as "Kitsune", are heavily detailed with very colourful tales of these magical creatures. These magical foxes, not to be mistaken with the ordinary regular/earthly fox animals, can have more than one tail.

The fox symbolises cunning, invisibility, seduction, the faerie realm and magical ability. The Celtic phrase for the fox is Madadh (canid), Ruadh (the colour "red") and Sionnach (Vulpes vulpes).

There are a number of human Fox Clans or families in different parts of the world, including the Americas, Ireland, France, England and Russia.

In some legends, foxes took on the form of beautiful women and then procreated with men, whose offspring were human children. Many of these stories show a pattern of disaster and sadness because these victims fell broken hearted. It could be that the fox ladies were linking humans back with the animals. Subconsiously this was a return to the Earth Mother, the divine, spirits or towards the psychic domain. However, some of these fox women were regarded as evil. People are afraid of nature at times. It seems there's a clash in beliefs here about those foxy shapeshifting beings. They were either portrayed as demonic in some places or they were benign. It seems that lighter mystical side of the fox legends and spirits were tainted badly by people over time, mainly because of religious attitudes, or through generated fear.

Foxes are part of life and nature. Foxes are here. Foxes appear and disappear. You can trick a fox and they can trick you. This form of trickery has been described in more myths, like the fairytales and fables of ancient Europe. Trickery of the fox comes from observation and these animals do so out of survival, and they're famous for their cleverness.

Fox reiki is very potent and beneficial to well-being, sense of health and confidence building. 

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The above image is "The Fox Familiar" by Pebblepixie

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