Friday, 28 July 2017

My 10 favourite dragons

The Azure dragon - One of the Chinese dragons. Azure dragon is blueish or blue and green in colour, and rules the season of Spring. Proper name is Ao Guang. I was born during the Spring so this is my dragon.

Wyvern - A type of big flying dragon that breathes fire. It looks like a winged T-Rex. Features in French and British heraldic crests and appears in stories and literature, games and films.

Bisterne - English dragon that dwelled in the New Forest.The exact same place where I used to play on holidays throughout childhood. This dragon lived in a secret den close to Burley. A knight killed this dragon outside Lyndhurst where the dragon’s body was left there, becoming weeded over and eventually buried under soil. The burial mound of this dragon is now still there and its called Bolton’s Bench.

Blue Ben - A water dragon that lived in the waters along the Somerset coast. It was able to breathe fire and often relaxed in the cool waters afterwards. The skeletal remains of Blue Ben was unearthed in the 19th Century and is on display in a museum called “Icthyosaur”.

Lambton Worm - The legend goes of a massive dragon near Lambton Estate in County Durham. It lived underground, wrapped itself around hills and poisoned rivers and wells. A cursader knight killed this ferocious monster but afterwards, the knight was cursed. His descendants cursed also in whats known as the “Lambton Curse”.   

Sarkany - This is a monstrous dragon from Hungary, a country that puts dragons in a good light.

Coca - A female dragon, ghostlike, pale and transparent. She’s also described as a shape-shifting dragon, who takes the form of other beasts to trick victims. Wax heads of Coca dragon were offered to goddesses including Black Madonna. She also fights against Saint George.

Ayida-Weddo - Rainbow serpent, and goddess dragon.

Nidhogg - Dragon in Norse mythology that’s immortal and sits between the lands of the living and the dead. Found in the soil and chews on tree roots belonging to Yggdrasil the World Tree.

Hydra - A many headed dragon with venom and appears in Greek myth.     

What are your favourite dragons? Do you prefer other mythological creatures? Do you like any of the dragons I've mentioned here? Post your comments here on this blog.

The dragon picture is by artist Kerem Beyit
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