Friday, 17 March 2017

My past life regression

Many years ago I had a past life regression and was so shocked. That was my former life before I was born. I was seeing a forest all around me. I was so young and with my father, who was big, strong and a beautiful grey wolf. I knew then that I was the only girl in the litter of three or four. Things looked slightly different as my vision was more complex,vivid,the green colours stronger and weirdly flatter. I remember playing on the grass when my back legs slipped, and then my hind paws landed on nothing. Father wolf stared at me, panic was in his eyes. I was sliding fast over the sloping edge and my front paws desperately tried to cling. All I could do was was think to myself  "if only I had fingers". Then I plummeted down. I must've landed so hard because an intense pain was in my back. Father wolf looked over the edge and I wanted to call out to him but I couldn't. Soon everything blurred and I left my body. I looked down at myself to see a young wolf pup laying on the ground, dead.Then that poor wolf cub transformed into a sleeping little human girl (I realised that it was me as a toddler). I understand that was why I was always so scared of heights. And why wolves fascinate me. Why I feel that I'm instinctively searching for my wolf father even though, that past life would've happened a long time ago. My wolf pup former life made a last wish and that was to have fingers. So that little wolf came back as a human: me.

(Picture art by Lesley Harrison)

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