Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Woman in green

Seven years ago now, during a time of psychic development and paranormal activity, I encountered a very surreal guest, or a few guests to my property. I used to have a male friend (now ex friend) that drove me up the garden path, and manipulated me through different psychological tests that no one should have to endure. Besides this were visitations from entities that were quite draining and verbally abusive. One entity looked like a giant green woman sitting in a field near where I lived. She was almost like a tree with a woman's shape and a thunderous voice. She leaked oil, sap and contaminated water from her mouth and nose so that made her scary. She seemed pretty monstrous and freaky but she had the power of sorts to evaporate stray entities. I later wondered if this green giant woman was more of a protective being. What on earth was she?
There are many stories about green lady ghosts. The green ladies who haunt Scottish and English castles. These spirits are often linked with the historic past and could be residual energies or echoes from time. Playing out tragic events or a haunt of a wandering soul of a woman in trouble and pain.
The giant green woman in the field wasn't a phantom lady in a castle but she resembled a primitive relic Stone Age. I'm thinking of the Venus statuettes from Paleolithic Eurasia. A vast number of figurines in the shape of unusual big breasted and faceless women all found scattered across thousands of miles. Such figures almost look like the green giant woman but what I visualised looked almost as terrifying as a storm.

She seemed dangerous as well as powerful. I understand she scared away my now ex friend. Was this a manifestation of Erda the earth goddess? Or was she just an hallucination? 

Venus figurines 

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