Monday, 13 July 2015

My book review of "Immortal Hope"

Sometimes I will review a film or a book. I love fantasy and paranormal romance. The following is about a fantasy romance featuring knights of old. Now the thing is, I've always loved and admired the knights templars. These warriors have a mystique about them and centuries later they still capture the imagination. They also appeal to a lot of women such as I.    

"Immortal Hope" by Claire Ashgrove, published in 2012 is the first of the "Curse of the Templars" series. I've finished reading the first book and published a review on Amazon.co.uk.

Many centuries ago, a group of knights templars visited the holy land and discovered a copper scroll, but were condemned with immortality, forever in conflict with creatures of a demon named Azazel. Each time the knights battled with the evil entities, darkness would enter the knights little by little. Some knights were too consumed by the evil in their blood, that they lost their humanity and became dark knights of Azazel.
However, there was a shimmer of hope. The Nephilim had descendants and those were women who would bring freedom and salvation to the knights, purifying them of darkness. These women are called seraphs (who remind me a lot of the valkyries in Germanic myths). These are mortal women who are full of hidden power that they're not even aware of. Each woman is destined to be paired with a knight templar and as long as she and the knight take their oaths of bonding, both would be safe and evil itself gets weaker.

My review on Amazon:
I so love this book and will read the rest of the series. The medieval Knights Templar are so mysterious, but this book brings them into the 21st Century. They can drive SUV, watch TV and have phones! But they still talk as if they're from centuries years ago and they've never given up their loyalty. What I also love about the knights are they come across as real human beings with emotions and physical strength, instead of a flat 1 dimensional view picture that we're taught about in history lessons. These are a real fantasy for women who love knights.

The genre of paranormal romance should be given more credit because it's far more than the that. The author brings the characters to life and they're so realistic. It isn't just a romance, it's adventure, horror, chiller and fantasy. I plan to review the other books in the series at a near future time.

Claire Ashgrove 

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