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Sisters (and brothers) of the Valkyrie? part VIII: Angels

There are Valkyrie-like goddesses and demi goddesses in other belief systems, who resemble the characteristics of the Northern Valkyries. It makes you wonder if they belong to the same species or come from the same root legend. I've written entries about the subject, starting with individuals and then perhaps go onto research different aspects of the Valkyrie. The eighth entry on the "Sisters of the Valkyrie" is about Angels.

There is a common belief that there isn't any female angels because Abrahamic religions says so. But dig deeper and one can find them. Just like in times past when all of the gods were joined into one God and all the goddesses became a single Madonna in main religious doctrine and paths, angels and saints replaced some of the other deities and beings but were all men.

Angels are well known throughout the world and are loved by everyone including children. Angels are said to watch over us, protect us and help us pass over into the afterlife. Valkyries and goddesses similar to them had this divine work, and still people associate angels with winged female beings. Naturally people view the powerful angels, the warriors and guardians as men, but the gentle loving angels as women. Artists give angels feminine features including breasts. The fact angels are beautiful, light, and winged suggests that not only the valkyries are confined to the Norse and the Germanics but also to a wide range of people across the globe.

I've covered some of them. Angels are considered today's valkyries. The name "angel" is from Latin angelos to mean "messenger of the gods" and "messengers of God". They seem to represent the divine and are a part of the divine power. So are valkyries. The valkyrie battle aspect of the angel comes in many cross culture forms, and is similar to the Frevashi of Zoroastrian beliefs. These Frevashi are often considered warlike but also "choosers" of the slain and of life's destiny. These are elemental beings, male counterparts of the sky nymphs, but working alongside with brothers AND sisters. There are different types of angels in Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Each one has a part to play and a heirarchy.

There are as mentioned some female angels in religion. Bath Kol is a "daughter of the voice of God" and described as a female angel but a daughter of a male angel and possibly a mortal woman. Anahita is a female nature angel of fruit and harvests. Barbelo is a wise female goddess of kindness and wealth. Charmeine is another nature angel who represents the balance of life. Iofiel is a female angel of beauty and self love. Regina Angelium is a queen of the angels, and others like her are called Shekinah and Pistis Sophia. These are angels of wisdom, love and protection from evil. In Catholicism she's called the Virgin Mary. Shushienae is a female angel that heals the mind, body, spirit and earth. Now Gabriel (also named Gabriella) is also considered a strong female angel but widely considered male as all angels are men according to the Bible, Quran and Talmund. She's an archangel and has communicated with mortals, nurtures children and helps them feel better, removes entities and assists those who wish to contact the gods/God.

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