Sunday, 15 March 2015

Solar eclipse

Next Friday, 20/03/2015, will be a solar eclipse. This will occur in the morning, during the Spring equinox, and during a New Moon phase. A total eclipse will be visible far north, Scandinavia and the Arctic. A partial eclipse can be visible from Europe, north Africa and the Near East and northern parts of Asia.

The sun will be hidden by the moon. Although much depends on the weather, to people interested in observing through special telescopes and cameras, avoid looking at it directly. Even with special protective filters, don't look at the sun. Despite cloudy weather, we'll still experience a change into darkness during the morning.

Many myths and legends about the sun eclipse is full of fear. Usually a very similar theme is found in myths about the sun eclipse, that the sun is being eaten by demons, monsters and giant animals. But some believe a solar eclipse to be a purifying event as it's when the sun and moon cross paths.   


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