Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Three parents

For the first time in history, a person will be born from three parents. In a recent move, British MP's voted in favour of science creating babies using the DNA of two women and one man. The Prime Minister David Cameron said "We're not playing god here, we're just making sure that two parents who want a healthy baby can have one." Others agree that it will also help people to have children. The idea of two mothers will combine the mitochondrial dna and increase chances of a stronger, healthier and complete child. Some mitochondrial genes are defective and carries genetic problems that a different mitochondrial would not but two of those can strengthen and enhance the genes of a baby. Someone considered that this would make genetically modified (GM) people.

Regardless of the debates, my own view is that this is going to change humans and create a different species for the first time since humans became what we are now. I don't think this is a bad thing to be honest.

Once upon a time, people didn't like test tube created babies, and that started during the 1970's now decades in the past. The test tube babies have since grown up into healthy normal adults. Although some are worried about making babies in science labs, and others are cheering that it's good for medicine and families, no one is really seeing the spiritual and cosmic implications of it.

First of all, human origins itself is unknown. Shrouded in mystery. Okay some people believe in evolution, but there are too many holes with the theory. There was no intermediate species or missing links, not just with humans but all animals. It's as though animals sprung out of the ground.

According to myth, the gods created us from soil and water. In Norse myth, Ask and Embla were the first two humans. Three gods, Odin and his brothers, Villi and Ve, created the first man and woman from trees. In Celtic creation myth, the gods made humans and animals from trees. In Greek myth, humans were made from clay.

Where did humans come from? Our parents, of course. How did animals get here? From their parents. This is the concept of being made from a seed, egg, soil and water, whatever you look at it. What we do know, sort of, is that we sprung up and materialised in the Cenozoic era.

Now we're developing the technology to make perfected humans born from three parents, and two mothers. This is BIG news, as far as I'm concerned. Would we evolve in the future as a modified stronger species? This is not an extinction of the present human era, but a start of a new people and a new world.        

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