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Pyramid from the dinosaur era?

A couple of years ago, there was a rather quiet and amazing discovery in the Crimea, Ukraine, of a very ancient pyramid that is said to be dated at 65 million years old. The tale goes that Vitalii Goh, a scientist from the Ukraine, was looking for water in the region when he stumbled upon the buried remains of a site, in the form of a massive pyramid. It's about 45 metres high and 72 metres wide (147 feet high and 236 feet wide). The pyramid also contained a mummified body of a species that is "not known". Now the scientist claims that the pyramid comes from the dinosaur era! Originally the source of this story is at the Pakistan Observer news.

I want to know more about this. Even though I believe that dinosaurs and humans might've co-existed, I'm not sure if humans were alive 65 million years ago that built pyramids... but who knows for sure. I'm wanting to know about this pyramid, the age of it and what was found inside there but so far I've only found news articles repeating what the Pakistan newspaper site said. And many paranormal forums and New Age websites have discussions on that subject too. Intellhub mentioned "reports" that Goh found 37 other pyramids at the Crimean peninsula near Sevastopol.

Now on European Pyramids site, it comments that scientists would "dig" into the pyramids at Sevastopol. There are apparantly seven strange pyramids buried underground and many scientists want to research and study the place. I couldn't find any recent, newer stuff or any hard factual information on any of these prehistoric pyramids.

What I will mention is that the site of Sevastopol was once upon a time part of ancient Greek society. The Crimea was called Tauris then. Long before that time, it was populated by Neanderthals and the Gravettian humans (these were the same people who hunted mammoths and carved Venus figurines). Did they build anything spectacular? Such as all those pyramids? Also the Crimean peninsula only appeared at the end of the last Ice Age with ice flow drifts and rising water levels.

So far I'm doubtful of the pyramid and being 65 million years old. I don't want to follow every newspaper clipping and see weird sites portraying it as a known fact when all I can find is little else.

Another mistake I've come across is that reports have said the pyramid is from the "Jurassic" era. But 65 million years ago was the Cretaceous era and NOT the Jurassic era. 65 million years ago was during an earth disaster of mass extinction. Even if those pyramids do date back this far, they would be Cretaceous. Layers of those pyramid walls should include sediments of this event.
Cretaceous layers in rock looks like this:

Earth's geo history reveal a barrier layer of the extinction period called the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event (or K-pg event). It's known that the biggest impact from a massive asteroid struck in what is now the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. This resulted in devastation although there was a second asteroid that struck during this time also, and it impacted in what is now Kirovohrad Oblast in the Ukraine. There is a crater there called the Boltysh crater. This was almost too close to the pyramids, if they were there at the time!

What I found on this strange and wonderful country is that recently a prehistoric temple was discovered. Live Science covers this with photographs: Ancient temple in Ukraine. That temple is 6,000 years old. This is a discovery that is both mysterious, wonderful and factual. There are just no strange remarks about dinosaurs and unknown mummified creatures.

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