Thursday, 29 January 2015

My visions: Hill Giants

As I was astral travelling, I came to some hills and saw giant figures. The first was the shape of a person but an outline of a man with glowing edges. It was walking across a field and I had to get away. I went another direction and came to different greener hills. I saw a vision of another giant in a bow shape with four legs, glowing white and appearing to move like a rocking horse.

After the astral journey ended, I did some research and was given reference to the chalk hill figures, the Cerne Giant and the White Horse of Uffington. Those looked like the figures I saw in my astral trip, alive and walking over the landscape. Are these chalk figures alive? Do they live on a different plane and connected to the land once they were put on the ground? Or am I just eperiencing a weird day dream?

The Cerne Giant is 55 metres tall and seen on the hillside of the English countryside, found in Dorset, England. Visible from the air and on risen the A532 motorway. It looks like a Hercules type figure, waving a massive club and he has an erect phallus. People believe that the giant could've represented a god from Pre-Christian times, and the style of the drawing is archaic. There is a legend that a Danish giant of magnificent size walked the grasses and fields of Blackmoor, feeding on livestock and scaring everyone away. As the giant slept under the stars on the open field, local farmers crept up to him and killed him. They cut the ground around his body to make an outline as a warning to other giants.

Another local legend says that the Cerne Giant comes to life and walks over the hill, going to the river to drink water, and eat people and animals. Village maidens were eaten by the Cerne Giant, perhaps linked to sacrificial offerings of the past. The giant is a symbol of masculine strangth, war and fertility. Young women who sleep on the giant hill figure would become more fertile. There is an ancient earthworks close to the giant that indicate ancient burial rites and Maypole dancing. Interestingly, the county of Dorset has the highest fertility levels than the rest of the country!

The prehistoric White Horse of Uffington is the oldest known chalk figure in the country. Below the White Horse is an unusual mound with a flat top called Dragons Hill, said to be where a dragon was killed by a knight. It died there and the dragon's blood poisoned the ground so that no grass grows on there. An Iron Age hill fort named Uffington Castle was discovered and excavated in the 19th Century. It's said that this site was of the Dobunni tribe who might've been the same people who carved the White Horse.

Many believe that the White Horse symbolises the Celtic goddess Epona, who was considered powerful. Horses appear in many folkore, customs, rituals, stories and fairytales, and even today the British don't eat horse meat. Horses have always been a sacred animal to the British and Irish people, and worshipped by ancient Indo Europeans.


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