Saturday, 3 January 2015

Lunar plan 2015

Welcome to 2015. The full moon times for the year ahead:

Wolf Moon - Howling wolves of winter gave this moon its name, otherwise called the Old Moon and Moon After Yule. The full moon will be on 5th January 2015.

Snow Moon - During the month of the thickest snows, also called Hunger Moon and Storm Moon. This full moon should occur on  3rd February 2015.

Sap Moon - As the season shifts from winter to spring, the full moon got it's name from the earliest signs of green. Also called Worm Moon and Chaste Moon. This should be on 5th March 2015.

Pink Moon - Got it's name because of the ealiest blossoms and flowers. Also called Egg Moon and Fish Moon. It should appear around 4th April 2015.

Flower Moon - This moon is named after the full blooms of flowers, herbs and richness of plants. Also called Milk Moon and Hare Moon. Appears at 4th May 2015.

Rose Moon - The full moon is warm moon, associated with colours red. Also called Strawberry Moon and Hot Moon. Will be full at 2nd June 2015.

Hay Moon - Named for the hay time harvest and gathering of plants. Also called Buck Moon and Thunder Moon. Will be full at 2nd July 2015.

Blue Moon - Named after water and colouring, during severe rainfall that often happens at this time. Also called Lent Moon. Occurs at 31st July 2015.

Red Moon - Named after the way it appears on the horizon. Also called Sturgeon Moon and Grain Moon. This moon will be full at 29th August 2015.

Harvest Moon -  A time of gathering all the crops, vegetables and fruit and bright enough to assist farmers. Other names are Corn Moon and Barley Moon. Will be on 28th September 2015.

Hunters Moon - This was named after the hunting season and goes back to ancient times. Also called Travel Moon and Blood Moon. Full on 27th October 2015.

Frost Moon - When the cool temps sits in and sprinkles coldness. Also called Beaver Moon. It will appear full this year on 25th November 2015.

Cold Moon - This is during winter's harsh times and the moon is also called Yule Moon and Long Night Moon. It will be full on 25th December 2015.

This is based on Native American and European traditions.

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