Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Astral spirits

Sometimes when I meditate, I end up having visions of being in places. I can touch things and smell them. Often I end up falling asleep because it turns so vivid and the deeper into subconscious I go, the more real the places are.

When I have an OBE (out of body experience), I first appear in my house and outside. It's usually night time when I do this, so it's night also in the visions when it's quiet too with no one around. Except that there are drifting spirits! These entities are silent and don't seem to notice me. Occasionally if I talk to one, they look at me for a moment and then move away. I can see them interacting with one another but I can't hear what they're saying. I've seen animals too, usually dogs in spirit among these phantoms.

On another astral trip this year, I went to Hawaii. I didn't know very much about the place and I arrived there in a forested area and not at a beach that I wanted to see. I was confronted by a group of spirits. These looked a bit like people but were not quite people. One of them was small and cube shaped. Another spirit was large with big saucer eyes. I hadn't seen anything like those spirits before. They were guardians and told me that I couldn't just wander into their island, so I returned.

Since then I looked into Hawaiian myth and came across sculptures of "Tiki" men or gods. They look very similar to those guardian spirits that I encountered during my astral trip! Whether these were actually the Tiki themselves or not, I have no idea. To give an example of the Tiki, and what they look like, check this out:

Mythic Hawaii
Aloha magazine - Tiki

On another astral journey, I become a wolf. At times I can travel fast as the wind. I see a lot of stray ghosts and entities lingering around. I visited my dad's grave hundreds of miles away, and went to a castle where spirits had a party. A few years ago I kept appearing in a snowy wood to visit a cabin "home" and here I met one of my old dogs (who passed away when I was ten years old). Sometimes astral flights are very emotional.

There is another interesting feature that I can see during astral travel. There is a giant tree that glows in form. It sometimes stands near my house or it's further away. This must be a sacred tree of a different plane.

Have I been to the moon? No. I've attempted this and got a panic attack. I'm sure people have gone there though during astral travels. Don't attempt anything if you're scared. Astral travel was a way for me to look for healing and answers during an illness.

Why spend money on a plane ticket when you can lie down and drift?...


  1. My goodness Rune Fire,
    You are a well travelled soul aren't you!!!
    I do wish I could astral travel, but I just don't have that gift...
    Pity as there are some lovely places I would love to go..
    Oh well, I guess I will have to save my pennies and pay for air travel.
    Blessings to you xxx