Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A little garden

What compelled me to start this was a number of things. First one is that I was about to purchase a small garden stone head, regardless of the crazy reviews out there about such decourations. They add character and life to a garden. Sometimes they may even bring a little magic.

Gnomes... they are cute and mischievous looking. I don't believe they'll walk about and try to cause harm. Garden gnomes are recent but have origins from mythology, about supernatural dwarves that turn to stone if caught outside in daylight.

They say fairies are attracted to gardens, especially gardens with certain flowers. Fairies, and spirits, are drawn to water and shade. Gardens with big trees casting a shadow with bluebells on the ground beneath it is quite a magical space. Water features would more than likely attract spirits.

These are some important things in a garden to have to create a sense of balance and peace:
colour, light, shade, cleanliness.

Another item in the garden that will attract benign spirits are wishing wells, even fake little ones. Wind chimes and windmills are attractive and musical. Colourful ones made of plastic are also just as charming as any other. Bamboo chimes sound softer than the loud metallic and glass beaded chimes. If you don't have a garden, make a mini zen garden or a fairy garden. Indoor plants are cool. Solar lights and fairy lights create an all-year-round sense of mysticism to any house and garden.   

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