Friday, 3 May 2013

The fairy's emerald

The EMERALD is a brilliant green coloured gemstone, belonging to the beryl family. Beryls are coloured hexagonal crystals. The green coloured beryls are the emeralds. This gemstone has, historically, always been the favourite stone when it comes to jewellery items. For instance, Cleopatra loved emeralds so much that she had her portraits carved into them.    

Emeralds have an integral part to play in the realms of science, medicine, spiritual and psychic ability, wealth, enhancements of beauty, fertility and magic. The emerald represents the soul of the earth, or the heart of the world. The heart chakra is called "Anahata" and it's green. One of the gemstones for Anahata is the emerald. Other green stones for Anahata are jade, peridot, malachite and moss agate. The heart is where vital energy beats. Central to the body, the heart contains ones ability to love, remember, communicate, channel, heal and strengthen. Green is the centre/heart colour of the spectrum. Green is the colour symbol of the Earth too.

The goddess of love, Venus, is associated with the colour green. Therefore, emeralds have been her sacred stones. According to Greek myth, Aphrodite had bright glowing emerald eyes. Both Venus and Aphrodite are sacred to Friday, as this day of the week was named after Freya, another major goddess of love. All three love goddesses' sacred colour is green. Friday is, when viewed as a colour, is green. Emerald is the special gem of May, and star stone of the astrological sign Taurus. May and Taurus coincide at an event of Beltane/Walpurga. Walpurga was a real woman, who was canonised as Saint Walpurga. She was English and her actual name was Wealdburgh, and this means "Forest dweller". Burgh is Old English for what today is "borough". Back in ancient times burgh was used to describe a type of dwelling, whether a castle or a village. Today she's knowned as Walpurga.This Spring season event is also linked with fire festivals, flowers, fertility and the colour green. Some prefer to identify this period with motifs of the Green Man. From feminine green of the love goddesses to masculine green of gods.

Green interwined as foliage and spiritual energy. The sacred geometric green chakra of the heart belongs to all. Green is also the colour for warriors. The Green Knight that manifests in Arthurian legends. Robin Hood the "wolf's head" outlaw and berserker associated with the colour green. Knights of the round table on a quest to search for the emerald chalice. On other quests, in modern times, to find the legendary emerald chalice and emerald of Excalibur, all linked to King Arthur, have met up with paranormal agencies.

The warrior god Odin and nature god Freyr are also said to be one of the divine nature gods or "green men". Ancient warriors daubed their faces and bodies in green, sometimes blue and black paint when preparing for battle. In today's military, soldiers are usually in green camouflage combat gear. It's supposed to make them invisible against the background.
Green is the colour of emeralds. Ireland is "The Emerald Isles". However, regardless of this, emerald itself has many secrets and potent powers. One of the most bewitching is that emeralds have the ability to act as channels to the spirit world. Emeralds are able to heal, and restore memory, and induce dreams and inspiration. Emeralds can be a conductive energy tool that attracts ghosts and fairies. Emeralds has its use in technology. Synthetic emeralds are made in laboratories and wouldn't be the same as natural emeralds when it comes to magic and green medicine.

Emeralds can be eaten once grounded into green glittery sugar. Emerald dust can be used in cosmetics. It's been refined in the past to be used as a potion for curing and creating strong feelings in others, induced and emeralds can be an aid in love spells. As May is a time for the green gem of magic and power, and the season of flowers and acknowledging fairies, life's mysteries and bright bugs, the emerald is rich in offering health and physical stamina. Wear it, or find a picture of it. Use it well, respect nature and consider that this gemstone is able to acknowledge you.  

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  2. An excellent article!
    I am drawn to the colour green and have comforting childhood memories of green curtains and bed linen.
    The original Aryan Graal was according to Wolfram von Eschenbach`s Parzifal a green stone which fell down to the earth following the fall of Lucifer and was allegedly one of the treasures guarded by the Cathars until its disappearance from the physical realm.It was a stone in Lucifer`s crown and it is said to contain runic writing.

  3. Thanks for the great feedback :) There's so much else I forgot to mention about emeralds, including the "emerald city" from Wizard of Oz, but I simplified it to the season and ancient myths.