Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Enjoy the rain

Chit chat about the weather is a very typical English thing to do. It's how people break into conversation!

British weather is cold and damp. Most people complain when it's rainy.

If it wasn't for rain, there wouldn't be any trees, grass or flowers. No greenery. No fun. No water. No food or crops. No butterflies or singing birds. There wouldn't be any other animals and no people. The earth would be quite barren like the moon. The earth wouldn't have clouds or rivers. No fresh water. There wouldn't be rainbows. There wouldn't be any wind or perfume breezes. There wouldn't be a sea, not like it is anyway. There wouldn't be crystals or snow or ice. There wouldn't be seasons. There wouldn't be any dreams or memories. If there wasn't any rain, there would only be nothing.

 Instead it would be a molten planet with grey dust and cracks. The earth would corrode quicker if there was no rain.

Be grateful to rain.

With rainfall there is life, music, air, fresh water, fields, forests, fruits, flowers, wildlife, oxygen, clouds, rainbows, blue skies, fertile oceans, landscapes, mountains, mist and laughter.

The rain isn't just a "downpour". Too much can create havoc but... it's not always bad. Rain can also provide entertainment. Kids love splashing in the puddles after a rainfall. They enjoy collected rain in jars. Petals float along water streams in gutters. Gardens turn more lush. Rain makes cobwebs look like diamante necklaces. Some put handmade paper boats on rain pools.

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