Monday, 10 December 2012

The Most Powerful Rune

The esoteric story of O. This is not about what you think, erotic literature. It's about the meaning of a powerful symbol: O

This O is not only a letter "O" or zerO but a point of continual being. O is the only rune that can't be reversed. Not used in the Futhark as it's message is clearly protection, not divination, writing or alphabet. O is a universal runic sign of protection. It shields you from outside forces like unwanted feedback, magic (black and white) and against ill health. Now it's said that people draw circles around themselves to protect them from evil, as nothing bad can get in.

This is because the shape of the O circle as a perfect circle, not elliptic or oval, bounces away oncoming energies. It may even put off airborne bacteria such as flu epidemics. Well I have no absolute proof of that but this is legend. I guess that the O could be a shape of medicine (the regular tablets) and circulation of a healthy body.

The O shape is immortal and invincible. It's like time itself. It goes on and on without end. There are no twists or sharp corners, no broken places, no bends, no obstacles. It goes round and round like a carousel. This O circle is the shape of a natural bubble. It's the shape of cycles and orbits. It's the shape of planets, moons and heavy stars. It's the shape of our energy field. It's a form of shell, and armour.

The O is also a sound too. Wind makes a perpetual hoooooOOl. Wolves hOOwl. The MoOn is symbolised by the circle shape, as well as the sun (or Sol/SOUL) shaped with a movement of O and a sound of O. A woman's ovum is O and eggs are almost O (the oval shape is sightly narrowed at the tip on one end to make it easier for delivery).

O is used in magic to block, protect and hide.

The meaning of O is found in many cultural things. The powerful symbol of the ring (for instance in Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings") was misused because of the hole in the centre was filled with a magical poison that contaminated it's wearer. Now the O symbol in it's purest form is a solid circle or a disk. A ring shape is a thick band with a centre, so it's two tiered, or double, perhaps mirror imaged upon itself. Rings are used for weddings. A solid O is one and the same.  

O is an orgasm and a round object like a creation of a little fiery sphere, born of passion. O is the shape of a woman's breasts and a man's testicles. O is the shape of eyes, the shape of hill bases, the shape of islands (without it's damaged cragginess) and the dance of air currents, even though they spiral up and downwards. The O shape is a relative of the spiral. Spirals don't meet at the end but keep moving on and on in different directions. These spirals twist and turn.Spirals are symbols of chaos and discord. It's like the naughty twin of the circle O, which is ordered and solid. Tornadoes are spiral shaped. They move in mad twists and they howl with twisted screaming sounds. Spirals are defined as wavy patterns or loops, sometimes knotwork. The Celtic and Viking knots are pretty and yet the ends are tied together, so they form a twisted shaped circle! The O has bounded the spiral. The human DNA are double twists with both ends grasped together, so they can't run away.

Mandalas are decorated O circles. Wheels and sun disks all turn in perfect form. There can be other shapes within the O circle because they're controlled by this force. Spirals and curves like the swastika are moving/turning inside the circle disk. The "O" shape is also that of an eye, a mouth, vagina and a doorway. O is a life symbol and a shield symbol.   

I wrote this after having a meditation inspiration.

The picture is "A Child of Promise" by artist Briar.

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  1. And at this cold and dark time of year, we hang circular wreaths of evergreen on our doors.