Thursday, 10 May 2012

A poem inspired by the Supermoon

This poem was composed by myself after the Supermoon event last weekend.

Waiting, Starving
by Rayne a.k.a. "She Wolf Night"

The days will be,
extremely gloomy.
He is still far away.
Alone, across the sea,
I don't know where...
where he could be.
It was a lonesome moon,
that perigee disc,
amidst the gloom
and twilight whisk.
From here to now.
My presence here in this hall
of curses and wolfbane,
and dying weeds cascading the wall.
I can't imagine,
how deep I bit.
I can't remember
where I hit.
I can't be that...
creature who is me
At fullest moon beams.
A howl, a scream,
then my body is no longer mine.
I howl, rampaging, lost.
Looking for my dearest love.
I seek him at the coastline.
I wander along the shore
from dusk until early morning light.
I've trodden on bones.
Trodden on leaves.
Scratched by thorns and prickly cacti.
I leave my castle door...
following, his trail of incense that vanishes to the beach.
As a wolf, I remember him.
As a woman, I know him.
I've been hungry.
I ate so little.
Starved of nutrients, I leave it there,
exposed to flies and air.
Bread, fruit, cake and porridge I've let go untouched,
It makes me sick to touch.
I feed at the full moon,
only when I am the she-wolf.
And I live off scraps too,
whatever, I don't remember being human.
I've fed upon wild beasts,
Eggs, berries, rubbish bin crap.
I've licked off dirt from my paws.
I can't remember.
I don't want to either.
I miss him. I long for his touch.
Where is he now?
When's he coming home to me?
Where's he gone?
I wait for the man.
Waiting and starving.

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