Friday, 25 May 2012

Hidden Lore of Magic - Fairies

There are countless books on fairies. This isn't a description of fairies, or an essay as such. This is about magic with the fairies.

My mother once said: "If you stop beliving in fairies, they'll disappear". People who stop believing in fairies, or anything they used to believe in, change cnsiderably when they stop believing anymore.

Many children have witnessed unusual visitors in their bedrooms. Some like to put it down to imagination or dreams. Others have no proof. It is just the memory of the child or the person's childhood.

There is many types of fairy magic. You might've come across references to it, such as Fairy spells, The Tooth Fairy, Fairy Rings, Fairy on top of the tree, fairytales, Tinkerbell even, ect. There is also fairylore and occult fairy practices, like the fairy oracle cards and fairy tarot decks that can be purchased from most bookshops and online stores.      

Fairies are elemental beings, miniature forces of nature. They are said to dwell in forests, and they can effect the pattern of the soil, the flowers and the dew. Frosts and dew drops are laid down by the fairy folk, acording to mythology.

If this is the case then fairies live in the atmosphere and may also be part of the weather system. Fairies might be part of the wind, and rain (?) They're definately known to be living in roots, tree hollows, fields, flowers, hedges, behind stones, near lakes and rivers, and anywhere. This is probably what the ancestors tried to say by acknowledging the nature. The seasons altered the landscape so how would people without scientific understanding view it? Did they put imaginary humanlike things around the place? Fairies have been blamed for damaging crops and causing other natural catastrophes. There was a medieval paranoia about all the things they couldn't understand.

Who were the real fairies? My guess is based on reading materials, fairies are either elementals or people that were glorified once and then miniaturised later. Go back in time and fairies appeared a little bit sinister, perhaps connected to trolls and ogres. They were blamed for things going wrong. Further back in time one finds that fairies have much in common with the elves, dryads and other strange people. They were not considered tiny then but as immortal people. Some believe that fairies are actually echoes of ancient gods and goddesses. The original fairies were large in stature, who were all powerful and beautiful, ruling over peasants and kings. Changed religions changed the gods and myths so...

There is a scientific answer for fairies but take into acount also esoteric science, that goes byond the physical. Sorry this was supposed to be about magic.A lot of it is personal information and fairies subject is huge. Check out Fairy Lore.

A fairy spell for those who want to wish for nice things:

Stars, starlight, moonlight, water, mirrors, scents, incense, flowers, soil, cooked stew, boiled water, dried grass, shells or pebble stones, bark of a tree, twigs, a wooden bowl, a garland of flowers (handmade). Gather these and make an alter. Often during a cloudless night, use a bowl of water or a mirror to reflect the stars and moon. urn some incense. Preferably flower scents of a woodland, and not spices or fruit. Place the dried grass, shells and pebbles on a table, and wear the garland. The boiled water goes in the wooden bowl. Then add the dried grass. Let it cool. Now let the night fall into these things, and think of lovely thoughts, happiest memories, loves, laughter and even good deeds. This alter is the closest you'll then feel to a fairy glen.   


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  1. The Tooth Fairy is the only one I've ever personally encountered, LOL!

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