Monday, 19 March 2012

The sun giving birth?

S . W . N . reporting. Last week, at 5 pm on 11th March, 2012, a video shooting of the sun captured images of a sun mystery. There was an enhanced view showing a mysterious bubble like sphere beside the sun, tied with a solar flare attachment. This was considered to be a strange object.

As a scientist mentioned here (see link below), they don't understand everything that goes on with the sun!

Rumours online suggest that this dark circle beside the sun is a UFO. The experts talk about this being a coronal cavity, or a bubble of trapped coolness. Others disagree and think that it's a weird phenomena.  

Source and for more info, visit:
What was the mysterious dark circle near the sun? - Earthfiles

To find out about solar flare activity and other space events click:
Space Weather

Note = The image resembles an ovum with its mother. Consider both the ancient myths of the sun goddess and this time of year.

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