Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Therianthropic Ascension

Therianthropes come in all manner of forms. Many prefer to use the term "were", a modern variant of Old English wer, to mean "man" or basically human. It's a non-term because it's a half word short for "werewolf" but because there are so many different shapeshifters, with different selves, including extraordinary spirit breeds, it is used to mean "were whatever, we are not all werewolves, we are also werecats too, and werebears, and so on and so on!" Okayyy. So this is the point I'm making, about why I don't think using the word "were" is appropriate to describe a Therianthrope. It simply says "human". Yes but we are. I prefer to say Therianthrope but all this is my opinion. Now onto the next issue and subject, a special meditation for therianthropes.

There are different therianthropes. Some are weretigers, some werefoxes (kitsune), werewolves, werebears, werecats, werelions... half-humans and half beasts. The more stranger kinds that I was referring to are:

1. The combo therianthrope sides, or one person claiming to be more than just one inner animal self, but a hybrid (Polywere), a mixture of animals.

2. The exotic types of Therianthropes such as sealife (dolphin, whales, sharks,) birds, crocodiles, badgers, deer and even extinct animals!

3 The fantastic types such as dragons, griffins, winged wolves, fairies and angels (who are better regarded as Otherkin).

 Whatever type you are, you know what you are. There is no right or wrong. If you feel you are aparticular type then who is to tell you otherwise? No one has the right to say you are not what you want to be or what you feel inside.

So let me take you one step further. When you have spare time and no one around to disturb you, find some moments of peace. Once you're on your own in a calm mood, think of YOUR Therianthrope self. Really try to concentrate. Imagine you are this other animal self, the Therianthrope side, or the creature you feel you are. Go and close your eyes. Imagine being somewhere nice, a place you've been before probably and you liked going to or a place you wish to go and see. It could be a beautiful beach or a quiet secluded garden. Anywhere you like that is quiet and calm. Really imagine it as if you are there. Imagine what it feels like, warm and comforting. Imagine the gentle soft breeze.

Now try and picture the sunlight (or moonlight with stars). If you want to, imagine you are indoors even on a sunny afternoon or even inside in the warm as it rains outside, it depends on what you find the most comforting and relaxing.

Picture yourself in that dreamy peaceful lovely setting. Try and think you there. Imagine you are hearing the breeze,birds, crickets, rain, trees blowing, waves, ect.

Also now imagine the scents: perfume from the ozone, the sea, the trees, flowers, grass, rain. (some people may prefer to imagine they're sitting by a riverbank or in a small boat on a lake). Imagine those wonderful perfumes and take a deep breathe.

Don't forget you are also imagining that you ARE the therianthrope side, not your human side.

What do you feel now? Is there a slight tingling or movement in your body? Does your hair feel static? Can you even feel a tail? Or a flicker of animal ears?

If you want to you can imagine that you are exploring this location. That is basically how you sense your own inner self, and you can just touch it. That's all and this can be done again and again. Sometimes it may help to think of this if you have trouble getting to sleep because these sorts of imaginations put me to sleep!

If you haven't felt any physical sensation, no need to worry at all, it's not going to happen to everyone on every occasion. It might not ever happen but so what. This is something that you might feel, not that you would definately feel. Don't think you've not done this properly either. If you found that form of meditation good and quite calming then you've succeeded with it. As I mentioned before, make sure you're alone and relaxed, not if you're uncomfortable. Don't do it if you feel nervous. Stick on some music, by all means keep the TV on for company, whatever you prefer. It hasn't have to be too silent if you don't want that. It's meditation using your imagination and trying to become your inner animal/being. 

(The picture is "Moonbeams" by Wayne Pruse)

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  1. Thanks for teaching me a new word today -- "therianthropic." I've always just said "shape-shifter" which is the same concept, I believe.