Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Out of synch

This is a post expressing my random thoughts such as this. I think there could be a more sinister reason behind changing GMT to lighter evenings.The British government have sort of considered the idea of changing GMT time. This is to make evenings lighter, and for whatever reason. It would be moved two hours ahead to make SDST (single/double summertime). At the moment we've got GMT (Greenwich Meantime) from March to October. In March the clocks are moved forward one hour and then in October, clocks are set back one hour. The recent plan is to make it different by having the clocks in March set two hours ahead. For more on this go to:

Lighter Later

Some argue that this would make mornings dark. Also this has happened before. It was done during World War Two to prevent bombings from air raids. In the Seventies, this was brief and turned into a disaster because of road accidents.

Well personally I'm not interested in supporting this campaign. One reason is that, as a mother, I'm going to find it difficult at bedtime. Children won't go to bed easily in Summer when the evenings are bright and sunny. Winter's are very dark, moonlit and it's clearly no problem then. So for a child who refuses to go to bed, thinking that the sunlight means it's daytime, will just not want to go to sleep. Imagine if there's to be extra hours of sunshine at night in Summer then, the kids will never go to bed. This will cause stress in the home. Secondly the mornings would be a lot darker and that wouldn't feel nice during the school runs.

Now it's obvious that people are interested in this for personal reasons, not thinking of anyone else. The whole idea has been considered before, done also and failed, then reconsidered. It's to keep in line with the rest of Europe, as mainland Europe is one hour ahead of the UK and Ireland. So if we're set at SDST in the UK, the Republic of Ireland will be at the GMT. Cross the border from Northern Ireland to Eire and you'll be one hour different!

I also have a theory too about why the SDST idea has come about recently. Being two hours different would also change the way people will be used to observing the sunrise and sunset. If the earth tilts on its axis, a sudden polar shift, the first thing you would notice would be the way in which the sun moves. It would appear on the horizon each morning at a much earlier time. Some say that we already have tilted and another about tilted axis site but it's gradual (and people have seen the sunrise earlier). Observed in other countries, such as Greenland. Well whatever it is, IF that is the reason, no one in the UK would now see the unusual behaviour of the sun. The SDST change will simply blindfold British people into looking too hard at the sky to keep us in the dark, for a while. We have experienced very cold Arctic like Winters, and this is how the UK looked last year in Winter:
Satellite image of snow covered UK.

Of that note, the pole shift may cause the UK and Ireland to move northwards, possibly turning towards the North Pole! There will also be other countries that would turn upwards, and others will move south. Having the hours moved to SDST is perhaps their way of stopping any panic.    

This is just my opinion. I could be wrong and hope that it isn't this at all but one wonders the actual motive behind anything.   

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