Friday, 6 May 2011

War Against Terra

At a time when earthquakes, floods and other kinds of havoc (natural and human) is going on all over the world, heathland fires blaze like whirling red patterns appeared across the British Isles.

It was the dryest April in historic record (according to the news articles) resulting in an outbreak of fires in the countryside. Link to images Some have been deliberately started by vandals.

During this period as Spring's flaming wheels bring Summer, as well  as migrant animals, birds and fish appear too. We're bombarded by massive stories that rock the world at the same time.

Over the weekend during the season of Beltane was also the calm of the royal wedding. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, married Catherine Middleton, now the Dutchess of Cambridge. It's been like a fairytale romance between Cinderella and the prince by the way everyone went on about it.

Everyone wondered what dress she would be wearing. The wedding dress turned out to be a disappointment to many people because it looked too old fashioned and Victorian style. The way she seemed in that dress reminded me of both the Stepford Wives and Gothic Lolita. It was eerie in a way.

Everyone forgot about everything going wrong in the world and tuned into this royal wedding on TV.  The globe watched England, as England was quietly burning in the landscape. As all this chaos in the world happened a lot so far, there was this wedding and that bride in an innocent lace white dress.

Around that time, we had stories of war and mayhem. Earthquakes, floods, firestorms, tornadoes, warfare, rebellion...and a royal wedding. Some blame it on humanity and pollution. Is it nature altering or going through a cycle? Or is this a human manmade war against the Earth, a.k.a Terra?

The element of Fire is associated with Summer. As Summer is here now, marked by the storms and anger of nature, with fiery dances in the British Isles' wilderness. May the land be blessed with rain at once and put an end to these angry flames.

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